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I think it is a scam. Some kind of scam.

Received: from, Nigeria, Lagos, Lagos dial pool customers, starcomms
Abuse contact persons: Navneet Singh, Plot 1261, Bishop Kale Close, off Saka Tinubu, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, phone: +234-1-804-9370, fax-no: +234-1-811-0301 e-mail: [navneets@starcomms.com] or Catalin Miclaus, Plot 1261C, Bishop Kale Close, off Saka Tinubu, phone: +234-7028000733, fax-no: +234-1-8110301 e-mail: [catalin@starcomms.com]
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008
From: "DR.Paul Ojeih" <doctor@irismedical.org>
Reply-to: [dr.paulojeih@yahoo.com.hk]

I hope this email reaches you well.I am Dr Paul Olisa Ojeih medical director/ceo of Of Iris Medical foundation Nigeria. Iris Medical Foundation is a Natural Medicine based institution, dedicated to research; healing; prevention of disease, and the production of quality; safe and highly potent Medical preparation made from organic plant materials; whose scientific data (biological and pharmaceutical properties) are well known in Western Pharmacopia and as required by British Herbal Medical Association which Iris Medical is a full fledge member. Iris Medical Clinics an arm of the Foundation works to restore hope, Confidence and Immaculate Health to those condemned much earlier to a lifetime of pain, misery, drug dependence and premature death.

I am contacting you because at the moment we have found herbal cure of cancer at any level.Due to our high research we have found the cure to this deadly diease and what to share this scucess and cure to the whole world.

Our drugs and cure are guarnteed with no side effects or even surgery and they are cheap.To order this drugs or to come for treatment email me at my new personal email: [dr.paulojeih@yahoo.com.hk]

Then I will give you my full contact details and we can proceed from there.

Remember that health is wealth.

We treat but God heals.

Dr Paul Olisa Ojeih

De Master Yoda

Post by Prof. Paul Olisa Ojeih

@Prof. Paul Olisa Ojeih, Your post has been moved to a secure area until we have the chance to check things out.

We will check carefully and see what the facts are.


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Are you in the habit of sending out spam mails such as we have had posted here which purport to be from you?


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Gotta be a scammer. I doubt the real Dr Paul Olisa Ojeih would be spamming people. Must just be ID theft.


This scam-spam was likely sent by a typical 419 scammer using the identity of Paul Olisa Ojeih. While checking this out however, I'm amazed at the lack of scrutiny enjoyed by this individual, Paul Ojeih. His bloated and misleading resume has been quoted in a number of news articles without the slightest sign of research from the part of the journalist. He's been basically getting a free ride.

Looking at his credentials and I can find nothing to back up any type of scientific background. However I do find degrees and awards from various institutions considered by many as nothing more than degree mills. Degree mills will, for a fee and a minor task such as writing an article, send anyone a degree in various "natural" medicine or various honorary degrees non-scientific categories such as religious, arts, or human science.
Nothing in the resume indicate scientific training, which is serious specially in the context of the claims this individual makes regarding his products.

He mentions the "International University Bologna Italy" without a single reference. There is a "University of Bologna" but I know of no institution in Bologna known as the "International University" . In light of the rest of his resume, without concrete evidence, this claim should be considered dubious at best.

He also mentions "Fellow of international Academy of Lymphology ( New York )." Another mail-order degree. http://www.ial.org/aaiexchange/lymphologists.php
The awarding of Certification as a Lymphologist by the Academy is not intended to convey any licenses, or any special legal qualifications to diagnose, prescribe or even to treat any type of patients.

Here another one of his claims: "Fellow Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Communication Arts and Public Administration – California Christian University USA)" Yet another mail-order degree... http://www.universidadccu.org/

He does place a lot of emphasis on his degrees from Evangel Christian University California.
Evangel Christian University of America is known as am accreditation mill where anyone can buy a degree by filing a paper and paying the fee. Their web site http://www.ecua.edu/accred.html states:
Evangel Christian University of America is accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission Intl.

List of unrecognized accreditation associations
Transworld Accrediting Commission International

Evangel Christian University was shut down in Liberia : http://www.hep.uiuc.edu/home/g-gollin/pigeons/
those universities had not demonstrated the potential to grow into degree-granting institutions in the country.
He also pointed out that the action was based on the fact that those institutions had no mission statements, qualified faculty and staff, student services, libraries, institutional policies and programs.

There is interesting information on Evangel Christian University and Transworld Accrediting Commission at the following site: http://www.seekgod.ca/mbiyeshiva.htm claiming that they where likely both created by the same individuals:
The Transworld accreditation means nothing other than it is used in situations like this, which involves useless credits and worthless diplomas and in many cases, baseless courses resulting in deceptive degrees and diplomas. How can future accreditation apply to past courses when there is no past accreditation and no state licensing? MBI has "been seeking the highest accreditation" for many years, but apparently to no avail.

According to Steve Levicoff , in his book Name It and Frame It, which used to be available online, Transworld Accrediting Commission is an accrediting mill, meaning, individuals can purchase accreditation for a fee.

"....Caribbean College of the Bible International...
“...The American program claims accreditation from the Transworld Accrediting Commission, an accrediting mill formerly located at the same address as Evangel Christian University (also listed in this chapter)...”

".... Evangel Bible Institute...
“A degree mill all the way, the Evangel Bible Institute (which is also known as Evangel Christian University of America) purports to be "accredited by the Transworld Accrediting Commission (TAC), the highest rating." What they don't tell you is that the Transworld Commission was, at one time, headquartered at the same address as the school itself. Also at this address is Evangelical Gospel Assemblies, Inc., a known ordination mill (also known as AEGA Ministries International). There are no faculty listings in their brochure. This is a classic example of a degree mill that formed a second organization to accredit itself. In 1992 Evangel announced the "Degree by Thesis" program in which a bachelor's degree could be earned, without any course work and for a total tuition of $960.00, by writing two 10,000-word papers or four 20,000-word papers. According to their own calculations, that's a total of about eighty pages for a four-year degree..."

More on Transworld Accrediting Commission International here: http://www.degreediscussion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=792

The tax exempt filing for Evangel has a classification of Religious Organization. No mention of educational anything:

And here's the tax exempt filing for TRANSWORLD ACCREDITING COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL, It's classified as a "Charitable Organization"

Evangel Christian University is not listed by the Nigerian Universities Commission: http://www.nuc.edu.ng/pages/universities.asp
It may have some sort of presence in Nigeria but likely as a religious or human science institution rather than scientific. That would explain the plethora of honorary degrees awarded by Evangel to various Nigerians. Awarding of honorary degrees from dubious non-accredited universities is apparently fairly common in Nigeria. Even false claims of awards from legitimate universities such as the ones from Bradley U. recently, complete with official awarding ceremony
Chairman, Dan'Ajuji Group Limited, Alhaji (Dr) Saba Garba............
....... Dr. Ilyasu Aliyu Kakumi, Dr. Zanah Umar Mustapha and Dr. Abubakar Sani, who all bagged the award of doctorate degree in business management........
........Meanwhile, the University used the occasion to install the new screening members, where Dr. Mohammed Sani Abdullahi was sworn in as a Chairman, Installation Board in Africa; Dr Baba A. Kelu, as Chairman, Advisory Board In Africa, while Dr. Musa Abubakar Aliyu, is now Chairman Screening board in Africa.

degreediscussion.com added:
In reality, none of the people listed were honored by Bradley.

I see nothing in Paul Olisa Ojeih's resume that's from a genuine accredited university or that would qualify him to practice medicine or claim to cure HIV or various Cancers, as he has done. This is a man who presents himself not only as a doctor, but also as a professor, a scholar and a scientist. And the few examples from his long list of "Published work" that I could find where all self-published. This is refereed to as "Vanity Press" and is of no value in the context in which he presents them.

Paul Olisa Ojeih will not miss an occasion to use the fact that some of his products are approved by NAFDAC. What he will fail to mention however is that NAFDAC approval is strictly a matter of safety, not efficacy. I could bottle lemonade, and market as an elixir that cures cancer and submit a sample to NAFDAC who would test it for safety and since it only contained water, lemon juice and sugar, would approve it as being safe. I could then claim as Paul Ojeih does, that my secret cancer cure is "Approved by NAFDAC" to prove that it's efficient.

Here's an article in a Nigerian newspaper entitled.... "MILLIONAIRE TRADO-MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS' CLUB"
In addition to this, they are flaunting the listing registration numbers on their products as ratification of their products' efficacy by the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Yet, according to NAFDAC, what this listing registration number represents is the recognition that the product specified hygienic conditions. This has nothing to do with the efficacy of the drugs as claimed by the producers.
Iris Medical Foundation is the parent company of several subsidiaries, which includes Iris Foods & Drugs; Iris Medical clinics; Iris Medical (UK); Iris Medical Foundation INC (US); Iris Medical (PTY) South Africa; Iris Farms; Iris health products and Iris food products. Sitting atop this multi-million naira conglomerate is Paul Olisa Ojei.............
What role can NAFDAC play to check the excesses of herbal practitioners?
NAFDAC cannot do anything. NAFDAC does not approve a drug based on its ability to heal or its quality, it can approve only based on a drug's toxicity. It can test the drug to know that the drug is not toxic, I mean not dangerous to health. There is nothing they can do, they are not medical practitioners. They are saying that this drug if taken in this quantity, in that quality cannot kill. That is all they do. The thing is that people are ignorant of these things. It is ignorance that is the problem, we don't learn, and we do not want to learn.

Some of the herbal medicine practitioners claim that they can cure HIV/AIDS, is it possible?
Not to my knowledge. What I know is that there are drugs to prolong lives not to cure the sickness.

In other words their claim is false?
They can claim what they like, they are not even medical practitioners.

Here's a couple of paragraphs from another interesting article: http://junkfoodscience.blogspot.com/2008/10/when-potions-can-cost-lives.html
“This support for quackery endangers public health, harms the HIV/AIDS treatment programme and undermines the scientific governance of medicine,” said the AIDS and Society Research Unit. As you’ll note, Dr. Rath’s website and advertisements remain up today.

One of the most heartbreaking and troubling illustrations of how alternative modalities appeal to the most desperate, appeared in a Nigerian publication today. It profiled Paul Ojeih, a natural medicine practitioner who believes he can cure AIDS.
One only has to read this list to recognize the life-threatening risks for people who turn to these unproven alternatives rather than receive traditional medical care. He doesn’t just prescribe one mixture for each disease, but for most he recommends handfuls of his different tonics, pills and potions. AIDS patients, for example, are prescribed “venedi elixir, venedi capsule, pauwal tincture, supra-x tonic, lisamos capsules, derby tonic, and ab bitters.” Malaria victims are prescribed “lisamos capsules, ab bitters, and venedi capsules.” Women with breast or cervical cancer are prescribed “lily capsules, lily elixir, fibroma capsules, jane capsules, lily paste, venedi elixir, derby tonic, and ab biters.” Syphilis is cured with “venedi elixir, venedi capsules, pauwal tincture, lisaquine capsules, derby tonic, ab bitters, arthro – p, okobi tone cream (rashes).” For patients with tuberculosis, he prescribes “sanicof syrup, venedi elixir, ab bitters, spasma tincture, derby tonic, obm capsule (bleeding).” Liver disease and liver cancer patients are given “ab bitters, venedi elixir, lily elixir, diakechi elixir, jane capsules, venedi capsules, derby tonic, sanicof syrup (detoxification process).” And so on.

The fact is, if Paul Olisa Ojeih ran this business in any western country, he'd be likely charged under the criminal code.


Here's another interesting article. Paul Ojeih in his own words which confirms how very (some would say outrageously) lucrative his business is (exactly what he accuses the drug companies of), but also contains misleading and false statements in my opinion, such as his claim that the FDA has cleared his drug. By "cleared", he implies "approved" and I find no evidence of this. His claims about being "registered" in two states, implying official registration but without detailing registered by whom. The registration could be from some obscure Institute of Natural Medicine, which could be as dubious as his doctorate.

Source of the article

There is more money in herbal medicare than oil, says Ojeih
Saturday, September 16, 2006

Despite skepticism about the safety and efficacy of alternative (herbal) medicines, the trade that is as old as age has continued to thrive. Not even the long arm of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), has been able to streamline the number of practitioners, as they steadily smile to the banks.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that the practice is also enjoying foreign patronage, conffirming the potency of African, nay Nigerian herbal formulations.

Could the rush into the practice be due to the failure of conventional medicine? Could it be located more in the hidden treasures of the practice?

Foremost practitioner and Medical Director of Iris Medical Foundation, Dr. Paul Olisa Ojeih, confirmed last week that alternative medicine is a money-spinner, with potentials of elevating the Nigerian economy to the number one position, if properly harnessed.
His expose perhaps underscores the bogus claims by every Dick and Harry, who are later established to be charlatans.

More money than crude oil
Hear Ojeih: “Alternative medicine is a billion dollar business. It pays better than (crude) oil and Nigeria stands to rule the medical world if the gains of alternative medicine are properly harnessed.â€
However, Ojeih, said cost of trials and drug registration at NAFDAC, were the inhibiting factors, insisting that creating enabling environment by government would boost the practice.

Citing the support given to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), by government he, said:“ We have the drugs. Government encourages NNPC because it sells a barrel of oil at 100 dollars. Government should take a look at what our Vinedi is selling in and out of Nigeria. Sold at N10, 500 per 750ml bottle (equivalent of 100 dollars per litre), and a barrel of 100litres would go for 15,000 dollars. NNPC gives government 100 dollars, and I give government 15,000 dollars, who should they encourage? Many people have such things in natural medicine that are registered by NAFDAC,†Ojeih said.
Ojeih said that vinedi, is a blood spectrum antibiotic for viral and bacterial organisms that is marketed in his office in London and New York.

“ We are registered to produce, compound and sell. Though we have not started our foreign operations, we send drugs from here. The US Food and Drugs Administration clear my drugs, and we are registered with British Herbal Medical Association. Once you are registered by NAFDAC, they automatically allow your drug to come in because you attach your NAFDAC certificate to it. They don’t do any other trial.â€

Demand abroad
Said he: “There is rush for our drugs. You know because of sexually transmitted diseases, antibiotics no longer work the way they used to, so you find people who are heavily interested in our drugs. Our Lily Elixir for slimming is doing very well. You know the westerners are very obese because of the nature of their food. And our drug, Ula used for hypertension is preferred for heart conditions by many of them. We have been registered in the State of Massachusetts in the United States for a long time. We have also registered in New York.â€

Orthodox medicine relegated
“Long ago, I knew that my market was not in Nigeria. I told you of the failure of conventional medicine, which I saw long time ago. I knew that when it fails, the people would naturally turn to alternative medicine.â€

Live well, live long
At 61,Ojeih looks smart and far younger than his age. Asked the secret of his youthfulness, Ojeih attributed it to living on what he preaches.

“I practice what I preach. If you look at me and many others doctors, I’m sure I look much younger than my age mates amongst them.â€

Bill on alternative medicine
“I understand the Federal Government recently signed a bill to streamline alternative medicine. I commend the government for the initiative, but if it must achieve its intentions, it must not leave the management of that body in the hands of the Nigerian Medical Association.
I am glad because the bill will create enabling environment for the growth of alternative medicine.â€

“There is a basic difference between the quacks and genuine practitioners. Government should be able to draw a line, so that the public will know, where they are going. Such government intervention will allow people to know that they are going to somebody who will give them concoctions that he has prepared and then back it up with incantations, or somebody who is educated and formulates drugs in capsules, injectables that are registered by the NAFDAC.

So there must be a distinction. The Federal government should concern itself with these different categories and let the State governments regulate what happens in a Babalawo shop in their states.
Alternative medicine is riddled with quacks and charlatans because it is a very lucrative field.â€

Sickle cell cure
In 1998, Vanguard Newspaper did an editorial on me, ‘the challenge of sickle cell and me.’ Published on February 8, the paper stated that it was aware that sickle cell had a cure and said that there was a doctor in Kano that could cure it. Then my office was in Kano. They requested the Government and Sickle Cell Foundation to come to come to be directed.

I invited sickle cell foundation to come and try my drug, but they did not. I was here when they were developing (name withheld) or whatever they call it. The big question is whether it is curing the patients of sickle cell? Does it also eliminate sickle cell crisis permanently?

“We have a product for the management of sickle cell, and it is undergoing registration at NAFDAC. It changes haemoglobin level. Within a week, it alters haematological profile of the patient, and for those who are having feverish conditions, all those symptoms disappear and the patient returns to normal.â€

What’s in a name?
“If you call somebody an herbal practitioner, it sounds derogatory and it limits the ability of the practitioner. It is better to call it Natural Medicine.
For over 35 years, I have been in this practice and for over 35 years, I knew that orthodox medicine would fail in terms of disease management and I prepared myself for it. I spend money on research.

Drug efficacy
“You see our Lilly Elixir? Pictures don’t tell lies (pointing to a poster on the wall). That is Bola Yusuf, a Nollywood actress. Now people see her and marvel, because she has shed weight as a result of our drug she used. I prepared myself for all these. If you look at my age, at 61, I look much younger than most doctors you can think of. I live what I preach.â€

Source of the article


On the subject of useless degrees from unaccredited institutions spreading throughout Africa, here's another example, as posted on nairaland.com just last month.
« #6 on: June 01, 2009, 03:41 PM »

The registration of IPFM.ORG shows

JEFFWOOLLERCOLLEGE.COM no longer exist. There's an interesting thread at degreeinfo.com that explains why Ireland is a magnet for this type of unaccredited institutions. It also confirms that many owners of these degree mills awards themselves doctorates and professorship from their own institutions.

Another site/blog entitled "OBORAH: AFRICA's HIGH ACHIEVER" It reffers to Humphrey Oborah and his degree mill dalcafrica.com awarding Kenyans diplomas from Cambridge Association and Oxford Association of Managers using false and misleading claims.

This is just a snapshot of the extent to which unaccredited Western entities using titles of University, College or Academy are flooding African countries. The consequence can be serious, or even deadly if we consider how PAUL OLISA OJEIH's has used mail order degrees to practice medicine on patients with cancer and AIDS.

A mail order PHD does not a scientist make. And neither does self-importance as demonstrated by Paul Ojeih bloated resume. In fact here's a ludicrous statement he made last October : http://allafrica.com/stories/200810110129.html
"HIV is a western policy, aimed at thinning out Africa,"

This belongs to the realm of conspiracy theorists of the type that thinks Elvis is still alive and being held captive by aliens. It doesn't come anymore unscientific, and I might add...ignorant.
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People has said differnt things about Dr Paul ojei, in britain,i did not believe them until i went to his office in Nigeria on the 21st of feb 2011, with my husband to get buy some tablets.When we got to his desk were a few of his so called tablets empty boxes that has been there for yrs were displayed,the men that we saw at the desk, made us relise that before we buy any tablet, we need to see him, and a card was open for myself and my husband for 150.00[one hundred and fifty naira], we sat down to see this man who called himself Dr ojei for nearly one hour, we called one of his worker at the desk, and he went upsairs to his office, he came back to us to tell us that his got a patient with him, after about another 20mins, we dicided that we could not wait again, and we dicided to leave, as we got into the car and we are about to drive off, a gentle man came to tap on our window, and he said Dr ojei said we should come straight to his office, he lead us straight to his office door, and than told us to go inn, we wnt inn, we said good afternoon sir, and the first word that came out from the man that called himself a Doctor was, do you want to sit on her lap, as there was a woman on seat when we entered his office, i said with a smile that my husband do not sit on womens lap, Dr ojei shouted on my self and my husband----------GET OUT OF MY OFFICE,myself and my husband looked at each other as we do not know what to do, we left his office and as soon as we got outside his office, we challenge the man that told us to go straight to his office, the man told us that, he was the one that told us to come inn, we sat on the chair in front of his office as we could not believe what we hard from a so called DRs mouth, after sitting down for another 10mins, we dicided to go, we called on the man that told us to go straight to his office, he saw how botter we were,and we left,DR PAUL OJEI IS A VWRY RUDE MAN AS PEOPLE AS TOLD US BEFORE WE WENT TO HIS OFFICE, HE DOESNT HAVE ANT MANNERS AT ALL,HE THINK THAT HE CAN TALK TO ME THE,WAY THAT HE TALK TO THE PEOPLE THAT HE FEEDS,HE SHOULD LEARN HOW TO CONTROL HIS MOUTH AND HOW TO BEHAVE IN A ANY ADVANCED SOCIETY, I WILL NEVER, EVER RECOMMEND ANY BODY IN BRITAIN TO GO TO HIS FOUNDATION.