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Dear Friend,

Your contact was gotten from a search for a competent

corporate/individual for an investment opportunity. Whom we can jointly invest, Trust in and also solicit an honorable partnership.

I represent a client and my client has interest to do business relative to investments in your country in areas related to agriculture or any vibrant business of your choice, to initiate a proper and structured relationship:

Please let me know what your response will be to an offer to receive investment funds in cash.

1. The said capital amounts to US$50 Million Dollars (US).
2. The said fund is in cash and deposited with a security firm in London. You will assist in claiming these funds from the security firm.
3. The fund is intended to be invested through your person or company in the purchase of facilities and assets, or any areas of your specialization.
4. Please indicate what your commission will be afterclaiming the funds before investment because there will be an agreement bidding all parties this is subject yo negotiation from both sides.
5. The fund owners desire absolute confidentiality and professionalism in the handling of this matter because my client was once a government officer.

An application has been filed to the security company for payment which has been granted.

Payment will be made to you if all our terms suit you. It takes between 2 -5 business days to get payment released.

Please respond urgently.

Dr Rogers

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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 03:28:20 -0700
From: Dr Rogers <drrogers0_0@yahoo.com.hk>
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