Dr Ugbo Umeh, DHL


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Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020

Attn:Beneficiary Good day.This is to Let you know that we have your booked ATM CARD from United Nations with Registration Number [DHL704563-888) from United Nations New Secretary General Antonio Guterres under the care of Mr Jim Ovia of Zenith Bank Plc. Dr Frank paid for the Booking fee. You are to pay for Insurance fee which is the sum of $150. It is very Important because of Damage or lost to your Compensation ATM CARD Worth of $5.5m usd. It is very necessary so as to get the shipment ready with your tracking numbers Issued to you immediately. You are only required to pay for insurance fee only which is $150We have tried to deliver to your address in the past but they was problem with your address. Attached is My official ID together with your ATM CARD Parcel Copy.Reconfirm your address so as to avoid any mistake with the shipment as soon as you pay the insurance fee which is the only payment required of you. You are Required to Reconfirm your Shipping address Again so so as to avoid mistake with delivery of your ATM CARD. We are waiting so as to deliver your ATM CARD Parcel within 24hrs.Also, you are to provide Phone number that we can use to reach you as at time that we get to your location so that we can call you and hand it over to you incase you are not around. Thank You for your cooperation Waiting so as to go ahead with the shipment.Yours in Service. Dr ugbo Umeh [Shipping Manager]Tel:+234-908-610-8056