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Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021
Subject: Re: Attn:Our Esteem Customer!!!!,

Attn: Our Esteem Customer,

We have deposited your fund (2.500,000,000 USD) through western union department after our final meeting regarding regarding the release of your fund. All your required to do is contact the western union director Mrs Jennifer Wangaga via email (wangaganma@gmail.com) she will directions on how you will be receiving your fund daily.

Remember to send her your full details as follows below to avoid error:

Receivers Name:___________
Phone Number:_____________

Though Madam Janet Henshaw already sent out the first 5,000USD in your name today,so contact Mr Smith Wangaga as soon as you receive this email and ask her for your Mctn and all other details you need to pick the 5,000USD :Please let us know as soon as you receive all your fund.

Best Regards