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From Petronas Employment Management
Return-Path: <petronasemploymentmngmnt@gmail.com>
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Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009
Subject: JOB OFFER
From: Petronas Employment Management <petronasemploymentmngmnt@gmail.com>

Office of the Employment Manager
Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS OIL COMPANY)
Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Email: [petronasemploymentmngmnt@gmail.com]
Dear Employee,

We have confirmed your CV/Resume, Below, you will find the current positions where expatriates are needed in our Company (Petronas Oil Company)..

All the positions and the benefits include:

1. Five Bedroom Flat Duplex
2. Free Medical & Travel Insurance
3. 10 Days Leave / break/ Vacation after every 90 working days
4. Flight Fares (Air Tickets)
5. Free Education Scheme to expatriates children/family
6. Free Toyota Camry 2006 Model.

A. One Reference Letter
B. Passport Copy

The Documents should be provide to us through scan e-mail attachment For fast processing, because all the positions need expatriates" who Can be able to start up employment on June/July 2009, and all the Arrangement need to be made as fast as possible.

Below is the current available Job position in Petroliam Nasional Berhad Company So kindly reply us with CV resume for our confirmation to enable us to proceed regarding to employ you in our organization.

Job #1: Petroleum Engineering
Job #2: Drilling Services
Job #3: Civil Engineering
Job #4: Computer Engineering
Job #5: Architect Engineering
Job #6. Marine Engineering
Job #7: Mechanical Engineering
Job #9: Electrical Engineering
Job #10: Electronics-Telecommunication Engineering
Job #11: Surveying Engineer
Job #12: Aerospace Engineering
Job #13: Computer Engineering
Job #14: Site Engineering
Job #14: Piping Engineering
Job #15: Inspection Engineering
Job #16. QA/QC Engineer
Job #17: Accountant Engineer
Job #18: Design Engineer
Job #19: Factory Engineer
Job #20: Engineering Manager
Job #21: Production Manager
Job #22: QA/QC Manager
Job #23: Production development Exec
Job #24: Workman/foreman/technician
Job #25: Service/maintenances supervisor
Job #26: Project Manager
Job #27: Manufacturing /Maintenances
Job #28: Safety Officer
Job #29: Environment Engineer
Job #30: Geotechnical Engineer
Job #31: Nurses/ Doctors
Job #32: Teachers
and others.

We are looking for your earlier reponse:


Dr. Zarina Ali.
Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS OIL COMPANY)
Tel: 0060169958963


Super Moderator
Petroleum Nasional Berhad ( PETRONAS )

Petroleum Nasional Berhad ( PETRONAS )

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A New Beginning

The reason so many people from so many disciplines come to PETRONAS is because we provide the most exciting challenges in the industry and provide lots of opportunity for career advancement.

We need people who can bring fresh ideas and novel approaches to our complex operations, people who relish challenges and have the vision and drive to support the company's vision to become the leading Oil and Gas Multinational of Choice.

In PETRONAS, all jobs are categorised into 19 skill groups.

Finance & Accounts
Business Planning & Development
Marketing & Trading
Procurement & Logistics
Human Resource Management
Administration & General Affairs
Quality Management
Petroleum Engineering
Civil/Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Instrumentation/Control Engineering
Inspection & Material Science Engineering
Process Technology/Operations
Electrical Engineering
Health, Safety & Environment
Project Management
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HR Planning & Recruitment PETRONAS
Level 63, Tower 1
PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Or contact us at hrm@petronas.com.my

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PETRONAS would like to advise that its official on-line talent sourcing or recruitment portal is www.discoverpetronas.com and those who wish to seek employment with PETRONAS are advised to visit only this portal.

Please also note that PETRONAS does not request any payment nor charge any fee for processing job applications.

PETRONAS also does not employ any third-party on-line employment agency. Therefore any recruitment exercise or employment opportunity offered by websites other than www.discoverpetronas.com is not valid or genuine.

On-line communication on recruitment from PETRONAS, if any, would be sent by PETRONAS' officials using only the following email domains:



PETRONAS wishes to alert members of the public that the e-mail communications on "PETRONAS Prize Redemption" currently circulating on the Internet is a scam devised by unscrupulous individual or parties.

The scam e-mail also contains details of a claims agent to be contacted for assistance and disbursement of the alleged prize.

PETRONAS wishes to inform that neither PETRONAS nor any subsidiary within its Group of Companies has conducted or authorised such prize redemption schemes and appeals to the public not to respond to the email.

This advice also extends to all e-mail or short message service (SMS) communications using PETRONAS' name in other prize redemption schemes, lucky draws or contests.

PETRONAS has communicated with the authorities on this matter.


It has been brought to PETRONAS' attention that certain parties have been sending text messages to mobile phone users informing them that their SIM cards have won a lucky draw prize from PETRONAS.

PETRONAS wishes to inform that none of its companies has organised any such mobile phone SIM card lucky draws or contests and would like to advise members of the public not to respond to such text messages.

PETRONAS has also communicated with the authorities on this matter.

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