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Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020

I have to warn you someone has paid me to kill you..I've being monitoring you for 4days now...i think you almost noticed me 2days ago...LISTEN...You have less than, 48hours to pay $100,000USD...!! i see you as a nice person if not for the people you keep around... that is why i am doing this! I'm giving you a chance to escape or else I finish my job but I can move and run away!! If you think $100,000USD is too much for your life, very well then!!!

I assure you,after taking this risk by telling you my assignment and having compassion on you at first because of GOD, if you act like you are smart?? I will cut you all piece by piece to make you die very painfully...I assure you****** Good-luck!

NOTE: I'm Russian,if you like you can inform the police or anybody, death is promised and this time your precious family members will be involved i assure you!! There' s already a chip and your calls and all is being monitored i have to let you know!! You must have to send me $100,000USD as soon as possible before 48hours or else I cannot be sorry for you!!

I await your reply {if you like} for payment information!!! But you can try to dare me (us)!!! GOODLUCK!!!

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