We focus primarily on female, internet romance scammers from Asia.

95% of our content is about Philippines romance scams, but we do have some content on China, and are open to any internet originated romance scams coming out of Asia.

I've recently set up a 'rogues gallery', which should be productive, and fun.
The Filipina chat scam/beggars frequently show a real face on cam.
They can change names, but it's hard to change a face. :)

We've also added some 'male scammer' content, but most of it seems to be West Africans, many in China, trying to scam Asian ladies.

http://Dragonladies.org (Bulletin Board)

http://dragonladies.org/dragonladies (Rogues Gallery)

http://www.youtube.com/dragonladiesbbs (Dragonladies on Youtube)