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Return-Path: morganman09@gmail.co
Subject: i dey revive old job
Date: 2016-06-03
From: morganman09@gmail.com
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Hi my guy, my name is E. Okeke, i dey south africa, i dey revive old jobs, please find old job wen you don eat finish and the maga don stop paying and you have forgotten the job, please look for it and give me the details , i have tools to revive them, and they will start paying again, i specialize in old job, especially come &carry, transfer, wash wash, black money,

remember you no lose anything afterall is forgetting job, remember you will get percentage, just try me, remember this job na trust tin, please you can even ask your friends if they get old job, in case if you have new job i can still handle it, call me or sms me +27734523743

Lone Wolf

Ahh low life scammer boys, no need to hide your face. When you get to your prison cells it is not your face that Bubba is interested in! :eek:


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
Apparently there are more Nigerians in Thai jails than any other race. They have enough to fill their own football team each year for the annual prison football game and need not share a team with inmates of other nationalities since they have enough to make their own team. Seems like the Liberians are starting to catch up though.

But is there anyone who isn't African on any of the teams?

P.S. - Gotta love the Thai tranny dressed as a Thai princess.