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I am never happy because of this bad eletronic seller lady who got my 3800USD I worked very hard to make my money but at the end of the day they duped me and feel very sad and never happy no more oh my God help me.
am here to tell the world about this FRAUDTER COMPANY FROM NIGERIA WHO LIED TO SELLING ELETRONICS Mobile phones from Nigeria i had lost much money, i paid for the phone,and they keep asking more money for Custom,insurance,Tax and many more.... Her name and email address is [eserviceslimited@gmail.com] Name: caroline theresa everyone be very careful her yahoo is [eserviceslimited@yahoo.com]

All Her Information Below...

Email : [eserviceslimited@gmail.com]
Skype : sales.merchandise
MSN : [eserviceslimited@hotmail.com]
Gtalk : [eserviceslimited@gmail.com]
Yahoo Messenger : [eserviceslimited@yahoo.com]

Please be very careful she will Duped you,scammed you and take your money never deliver your product.

Am Crying right now.
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Welcome to AFI Rowland. I'm only sorry that you're here because of a nasty little thief. Let us hope that your experience will help prevent others from falling victim to this scumbag.