EAHA rwanda is it a fake NGO


Mind Clina

What is your reactions to these text from one of their representative;

Dear Candidate, We would like to thank you for the time you allowed us to complete your applications. We are inviting you to collect your Work Visa and the ID at Rwandan Embassy Gigiri, Limuru Road on 24th Friday at 10am. Kindly Come with Original Passport.Thanks. Harry.

Mind Clina

I here the Rwandan embassy working limit is between Monday and Thursday it remains closed on Fridays. Though not sure.

De Master Yoda

Thank you Mind Clina it looks like they just blew any chance of proving they are legitimate.

Opening Days
Monday - Thursday :- 9:00am to 5:00pm
Friday :- 9:00am to 2:00pm

The reception service (visa and consular services) is open every

1. Monday to Fridays from 9:00 a.m to 12:00 Noon for Visa, Travel & Other Document applications.

2. In the afternoon from 2:30pm to 3:30pm, the reception (visa and consular services) is opened for collection of applications for those who presented the previous day.

3. Appointments are also allowed in during afternoon hours once confirmed to be valid up to 5:00pm when the office closes.

Document Processing

1. The Visa and Laissez Passer applications are processed within one business day and collected the next day.

2. It takes 1 to 3 months to obtain a passport (as of the date an application is made). This period is subject to possible irregularities identified by relevant services.

3. For other services, the reception days are organized as follows; except in unavoidable circumstances and on Public Holidays for either Kenya or Rwanda:
  • Applications submitted on any given business day are available for collection the next day except Friday, EXCEPT FRIDAY!!!!
  • Applications submitted on Friday are available for collection the next Monday.

Lone Wolf

We are inviting you to collect your Work Visa and the ID at Rwandan Embassy Gigiri, Limuru Road on 24th Friday at 10am.

Applications submitted on any given business day are available for collection the next day except Friday

The obvious question is this. How can the work visa and ID be picked up on a FRIDAY when the embassy states quite emphatically that they cannot be COLLECTED on a FRIDAY?
Who do we believe, someone from EAHA or the official statement by the embassy.


Hi Guys, has anyone received email confirmation or its just text messages for this harry guy


Guys, why don't we agree, meet and storm this new office they have and claim for proper communication and answers to all our questions

De Master Yoda

The contact details they list are :

I can understand that emotions can run high in these cases, but I would not recommend anything (Storming) that could put our guests and members in a potentially dangerous situation . Thank you for your understanding.


Staff member
Foresight office Ojijo Plaza Plums lane off ojijo Rd Parklands

Foresight as in Foresight Innovations Ltd? Those guys sell cleaning equipment, if I'm not mistaken. Now, I'm just a coastal dog so the Nairobi way of going about things is a bit of a mystery to me but why would an NGO allegedly founded in 2010 by Canadian intellectuals need to rent office space from a cleaning equipment company? If I could bark, I would. And please excuse me EAHA, but the following doesn't sound either Canadian or intellectual, more like someone trying to write under the influence of too much miraa

Welcome to E.A.H.A and communities are now this countries, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. pron to civil war, poverty and natural diseases. was founded 2010 in CANADA by intellectuals group of former yale university students conducting their research in Rwanda following civil war in Rwanda that left ten of thousands peril year 1994.

Maybe someone from Foresight could be of assistance in cleaning up the sentences.

De Master Yoda

EAHA make a big issue about who is funding them. They state =

However I can find no mention of them when checking the three organizations. I did ask their representative Renixy AKA rwaddy, (why the deception?) who said many times he would be happy to answer any questions, but he seems to have declined the chance to explain.
The reason he is reluctant to answer the questions put to him can only be guessed at , however one sign of a scam organization is a marked reluctance to answer valid questions, as in many cases they cannot answer without incriminating themselves or lying.

It is of special note to see that he so far refuses or cannot answer a legitimate question from a "customer" about where their money is.

Mind Clina

Are you guys sure of the new offices?, I suspect from tomorrow these EAHA people will go underground, the best thing is to either accept the fact that you have been conned or find a legal redress.


I was also a victim, I attended the interview but was clever enough to call the NGO board before paying them any money, this man Harry Kibe should be arrested

De Master Yoda

Thank you to all who have posted. Please keep it up. There is mounting evidence that this is a scam and I would like to thank those who may have been scammed for coming forward. Naturally we do not warn scammers about actions taken, but rest assured things are underway to stop them.

To alert others to their actions, it is helpful to post the words and abbreviations of East Africa Humanitarian Associatiion (EAHA) in every post that is made so that the search engines can pick these names up easier and cache them.

This will make it easier for people who search them to find this thread about them.

Anyone, especially those who may have been cheated by them can send in reports to any website or forum that is advertising the jobs by EAHA or East Africa Humanitarian Association. A Google search will show where they are advertising.

A report from a victim will carry a lot of weight.

If they lose the ability to advertise then it is a lot harder for them to scam.