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We operate magnificent financial capacity of providing bank guarantee, documentary letter of credit and huge non-recourse loans. We approve funding from minimum of US$500 thousand to maximum of US$10 billion depending on the nature and viability of the business, maximum duration is 15yrs repayment period with only 1.5% annual interest.

Fortunately for clients, we give per-amortization (two years grace period) meaning that annual interest will commence at the end of second year, from the date of receiving the Loan Funds in the borrower's account. We are open to having a good business relationship with you. If you have a valid business, investment or project to fund, please provide us with the business plan, executive summary, financial information etc for assessment and review. Also, we issue fresh cut GB/SBLC for lease and purchase.

WhatsApp: +43 670 3080475
Email: hrgwmi1@gmail.com