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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Mr.Edward Smith; I am a South African citizen and currently working with a Financial Institution. We offer short and long terms Loans which are tailored to meet important financing needs in the Agricultural and Constructional production circle in the whole of the Southern Africa and beyond.

I am contacting you to partner with me to secure the funds ($42 Million U S Dollars) kept in the custody of a Bank here in South Africa by Late Mr. Jerome N Snaya who is now deceased.

The fund was deposited as an Investment fund in 2015 with an open beneficiary. The fund has been with the Bank without anybody coming up for the claims. I honestly seek your assistance to move these funds into your custody for safe keeping and investment purposes as the depositor has no known Next of kin. I have all the Legal documents necessary to claim the funds as I am directly involved in the deposits. All I need to do is to make you the beneficiary of the fund by filling your name in the appropriate documents and immediately move the funds out of its present place in your name to your account for safe keeping. The funds will be used for Investment purposes in your country as i have planned on investing my own share in a lucrative business venture and settling with my family.

I decided to this as i know all the circumstances surrounding the deposits and knowing very well that the depositor of the fund will not come back to claim the funds since he is deceased. I will send to you all the documents relating to this deposit and direct you on how to apply for the fund. I will give you further details when I receive a positive response from you on this issue. I will ensure all procedures to see the successful completion of this project.

I assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free .Be rest assured that we will not encounter any difficulty as the person directly involved in approving the release of the fund is also participating in this transaction. This transaction is Legal and we propose a 60-30% sharing pattern once the fund is transferred to your Account while the remaining 10% will be for all the expensive we might incur during the cause of the transfer.

Please keep this very confidential and let me know if you will be of any assistance.

Best Regards,
Mr. Edward Smith
Cell Phone No: +27717038991
My Private Email: infomredwardsmith@gmail.com

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