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How are you dealing with him. What does he offer? what does he say? As Yoda says, without information it is difficult to tell you more.

Hi we are in contact with Mr Edward Tenadu. Can you help me verify if the mining certificate and company incorporation certificate is real? He also sent his representative passport copy and ask us to book flights, hotel and pay $500 for Hkg visa fee including agents transport and hotel costs in Ghana. Thank you.

Passport: https://antifraudintl.org/threads/ghana.503/post-370320

Mining Certificate; https://antifraudintl.org/threads/ghana.304/post-370322

David Seomanele Mashishi


I saw your profile online as a commodity trader.We are a legal and consultancy firm based in Ghana and can render consulting services to you in any transaction you are doing in Ghana.Consult us in transaction like gold dust.Also,we are into debt recovery from any company that is owning you in Ghana.I am looking forward to hearing from you.Thanks.

Mr. Edward Tenadu, LLB(HONS)

From: edward tenadu <edwardtenadu2004@yahoo.com>
This Edward is a scammer. Just this December 2020 he scammed me $150.

Here is his modus operandi:
1. He claims to be Director of ASA MINES and that they have GOLD.
2. He will claim to have paid export costs but refuse to send documents for fear of security.
3. He will ask you to book hotel and pay Visa to Dubai for his agent.
4. He will then demand you send Cash for flight and COVID test for the AGENT. Because money sounds small he knows you will give.
5. Once he gets money from you he change story to create new conditions so that you send more money.

So please know and avoid any business with Edward TENADU.