EFCC: Yahoo Boy Impersonates CBN Governor


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
An internet fraudster, Onyebuchi Nwalozie Julius, is currently cooling off in one of the detention facilities of the EFCC, in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, for impersonating the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr. Godwin Emefiele.

Onyebuchi, a native of Ngor-Okpala, Imo State, who said he is into Estate Management, confessed via verbal and written statements that he posed as the CBN Governor, Dr. Godwin Emefiele with email account: emefilegodwin586@yahoo.com to defraud his victims.

He said he defrauded one Mr. Omar Es Sh Deeb, an Arab National, whom he said made payments to him through Western Union.

He also confessed that he specialized in Business Email Compromise, BEC, and his modus operandi involves searching for email addresses via Google search and sending convincing emails to his prospective victims and defrauding them as soon as they fall prey to whatever scam he had planned out.

Though Onyebuchi confessed to have benefited as much as N4.5million from his criminality on the cyber space, evidence gathered so far, may prove otherwise as investigation is still ongoing and responses are still being awaited from some of the finance houses he transacted with.



Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
I also posted this news on Nairaland and it has had over 43,000 views and 111 comments so far from other Nigerians on that site in less than 24 hours. Seems the scammer is becoming famous throughout Nigeria.

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It can be useful to also post African scam news and 419 related arrests on Nairaland for increased public exposure in Nigeria of these types of criminals. Sure to add to their personal embarrassment shame and disgrace in local Nigerian society.
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