El Abram Abdul, Nouakchott payment office, Mauritania


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An Important massage? Hey they're all important!

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Date: Wed, 21 May 2008
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Subject: This is an URGENT and IMPORTANT MASSAGE

Dear Beneficiary,

You are been officially contacted by this Nouakchott payment office Mauritania today .in the light of this, we are committed to scrutinize the apex institutions and we discovered reasons why you are yet to receive your inheritance /award wining....funds. this is due to many abnormalities had happened in the institutions where some top officials collaborate with impostors who are carrying fake portfolios with levies misled and misguided about the position of your fund and having the opportunity to extort money from you and leave the beneficiary half way.

May it interest you to know that you are listed and approved as one of the beneficiaries to receive one million two hundred thousand US dollars within three days processing cycle either by wire transfer, issuance of ATM card or cashier cash .this is a new payment method which has been developed to help remove all the fees which are sometimes charged on your funds transfer.

However, it has been mandated that you (as the beneficiary) must pay for purchase form $120.00 to enable us perform the necessary things before we can issue out the transfer to you. So, do let us know how you want your money to be paid to you by contacting us via this email [elabdoul001@sify.com] with your full name, phone number and contact address. as soon as we receive your mail we will advice you on how to send the purchase form fee so that we can honor/guarantee transfer of funds as instructed .we strongly advise against doing any thing with any body or organization claming to hold your payment this is a friendly but stern warning .

Thank you and kind regards,

El Abram Abdul.
Director payment service provider.
Nouakchott payment office Mauritania.