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Two weeks ego I received those strange emails below reported:

Attention: Dear candidate,

After reviewing your CV and completed assessment form; I am happy to inform you that you have been givenjob offercontaining full details of contract engagement with ConocoPhillips UK Limited.

We have attached the Offer Letter (Contract Agreement) for your perusal and if terms as outlined therein are favorable and acceptable to you, kindly print out, countersign the Offer Letter and return to us for guidelines on how to contact our accredited immigration consultant who will aid you in securing a UK work permit, work visa and every relevant paperwork enabling you work in the United Kingdom for the contract duration as specified in the Offer Letter.

Elaine Reid
HR Manager, UK Ops
ConocoPhillips UK Ltd | Conoco group company
Discovery House | Aberdeen | Scotland | United Kingdom|Phone +447 41847 8285
Direct +447 (4) 3034 82 85 | Fax +447 1110 70111

Attention: Dear candidate,

I am in receipt of your email, kindly note answers to your queries below:

*Your basic net salary shall be $7,700 monthly and this amount will be paid at the end of every 28 days whether you are working or your are off-duty.

*You are not supposed to pay tax to UK govt as your salary is paid by Company.

*You are going to be allocated a fully furnished Two bedroom apartment in company staff estate in Aberdeen which will be yours for the entire period of your contract with ConocoPhillips, however you are going to be provided a round trip air ticket each time you want to return to your country during your 28 days off.

*Company carries out orientation, seminars, courses and reorientation relevant to each candidate within the interval of 6 months continuously.

Yours faithfully.
Elaine Reid
HR Manager, UK Ops
ConocoPhillips UK Ltd | Conoco group company
Discovery House | Aberdeen | Scotland | United Kingdom|Phone +447 41847 8285
Direct +447 (4) 3034 82 85 | Fax +447 1110 70111

Rubislaw House,
Anderson Drive,
Aberdeen UK AB15 6FZ.
Attention: Dear employee,
We hereby confirm your Contract with ConocoPhillips UK Following your acceptance and signing of our job offer; please find below the name and contact details of the Accredited Immigration Attorney who will aid you to secure your work permit(for candidates who are non-UK citizens & do not have UK work visa/permit) enabling work in Scotland, UK.

kindly contact the immigration attorney with a copy of your OFFER LETTER:

Executive Immigration Limited
Immigration Attorney:Barr. Mike Montgomery(LLB)
Email:immigrations.att@execs.com, execs.immigrations@gmail.com
Fax:+44 80777 100

Ensure to notify us once your work papers are ready so that we can send your flight ticket, reimbursement and full relocation entitlements.
This employment is subject to Company "terms and conditions" as contained in the offer letter consistent with the UK Expatriate Statutory laws .
Note:It is important to notify company in writing; if for any cogent reason you are unable to come to UK on or before the stipulated resumption date, as failure to do so will lead to the irrevocable cancellation of your employment with this company.We look forward to a rewarding work experience with you.Congratulations! once again.

Elaine Reid
HR Manager, UK Ops
ConocoPhillips UK Ltd | Conoco group company
Discovery House | Aberdeen | Scotland | United Kingdom|Phone +447 41847 8285
Direct +447 (4) 3034 82 85 | Fax +447 1110 70111

I replayed every time and they answered me very quickly. Really I don't know if it is a scam!!!!
Please help me!!!


Hi, my co- employee also received a job offer from Ms. Elaine Reid, and HR Manager in ConocoPhillips. We searched the said person in linkedin and it seems she does exist and connected to the said company. The given website is info@jobs-conocophillips.com. We want to know if the website is legit or not and likewise the job offer itself.

Hope to receive feedback soonest.

Thanks and God bless.


We acknowledge the receipt of your signed contract acceptance document and further direct that you immediately commence and complete your documentation processing for your UK work permit and immigration documentation eligibility as soon as possible upon your receipt of this email as a sign of seriousness and commitment from your end to resume duty with us on the stipulated date.

In accordance with our due diligence, corporate security and documentation authentication policy and due to inconveniences and complaints of delays in UK Work permit and documentation processing raised by most of our non-UK resident employees resulting to frustrations and time wasting, we have therefore consulted the services of a highly reputable and accredited immigrant agency in the UK which is known as UKIA to guide and assist our foreign employees on their documentation processing in line with the UK Immigration policy and labour laws.

UNITED KINGDOM IMMIGRANT AGENCY (UKIA) is the sole agency approved and recommended by St Thomas' Hospital UK to handle all the legal immigrant documentation / UK Work permit processes on behalf of all our foreign employees which are non-resident within the UK.

UKIA will assist and guide you regarding your UK Work permit processing and acquisition directly from the UK Border Agency in the UK in accordance with the resolution of the British Immigrant Security and Anti-Terror Laws.

You shall direct all your UK work permit and documentation related inquiries to the UKIA for any clarification which you may deem necessary and they will also give you all needed information to make your entire documentation processes stress free and time saving.

After your processing of the relevant documents, the UKIA will deliver to you via the DHL services a shipment package containing original copies of your legal immigrant documents /work permits paper along with hard copy of your Job Contract Letter duly signed and sealed on the Employers' official company letter headed paper confirming and certifying your job contract and employee entry eligibility which is a prerequisite for VISA issuance/stamping by the British Government.

All non-UK resident employees must complete their UK Work permit formalities within the shortest possible time-frame and notify the same to St Thomas' Hospital UK via Email for reimbursement of any incurred expenses, timely accommodation arrangement, relocation and flight booking plan.

Your flight ticket and movement schedule shall also be arranged by St Thomas' Hospital UK as soon as you have concluded your necessary paper works formalities with the UKIA.

Thereafter, you will be required to forward copies of your duly processed legal immigrant permits documents after due processing by the UKIA for official filling and detailing while other financial related documents such as your proof of incurred expenses, invoices/receipts etc are also to be forwarded for records, detailing and reimbursement purposes.

As soon as you have completed your UK Work permit processing formalities, you would then be officially entitled and qualified to receive your initial financial employment benefits, emoluments, relocation expenses as inscribed in your employment letter as such your initial employment financial benefits shall be paid to you in your location prior to your departure for resumption of duty to enable your timely preparation and settlement of domestic necessities prior to your departure to the UK.

To obtain your UK Work permit paper /VISA processing and all relevant immigrant documentation, you are hereby directed to contact the UKIA through:

Contact Email: workpermit@ukimmigrant-agency.com
Tel: +447924514425

You are to conclude all your necessary paper works/immigrant documentation processing formalities with UKIA within the mentioned timeline to enable us make timely arrangements for your relocation, accommodation, mobilization and flight booking schedule.

Please always keep us updated along your processes with the UKIA for detailing and liaison purposes. Your timely correspondence is awaited for confirmation of your dedication and commitment to take up this job contract.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)- We advise the total compliance to all WHO laid down guidelines and protocols.


We acknowledge the receipt of your signed contract acceptance document
Ive received the same e-mail... I would like to make a complaint... but im not sure where to... If anybody knows because the "UKIA" agent send me his ID number..

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File a report with police in your country but don't expect much action. You could also try contacting ConocoPhillips but again, don't expect much to happen.