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Subject: Virtual Assistant Position : benjamin.lasnier@vfemail.net
From: Elena Estrada <ybc19y@yahoo.co.jp>
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Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2017

Good day Job Seeker.

Our agency provides personal services for ourcustomers. Our HR department opened a position of a Personal virtualassistant. Many people combine this job with other activities.

Professional Capacity :
* Daily online monitoring of operating client requests & openprojects
* Corporate gifting and errands assistance for instance assistto find and purchase Christmas gifts
* Meetings and conference callscheduling. Example: arranging a meeting with business partners.
*Online research - for instance,find accommodation, vacation facilities,hotels, car rentals or tickets.
* Counseling for customers regardingselection of an optimal online requests and tasks delivery of comprehensiveinternet research and other inquiries pertaining to client requests andprojects.
* Client service : clarification of interests, terms ofservice, provision of exhaustive information regarding the list ofservices.
Counseling of customers is conducted remotely : via email or otheronline services.

Working Conditions :
Candidates may select the mostpreferable work status.
Part-time occupation, fex. schedule :
* In-officework (available for New York City residents)
* Remote work, 2-3 hours aday in average

All applicants have to qualify the qualifying period of1 month. You get paid for it. During the probationary period, a candidateworks on a part-time employment with no fixed office hours. You will beoffered a full time upon successful completion of your prove-out time.

* $33,087 annual Compensation and bonuses from clients : CandidateSpecification
* MS office or compliant
* Experience in clientservice of at least 1 year (as sales representative, adviser, etc.)
*Well-bred written speech
* Amenability, nicety, flexibility inresponse

Reply to this email for more details or skip this email if youare not looking for extra income anymore.