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Hi boys and girls. Spanish Administrator is not the only who can get the girls. At least the Russian ones. Meet Elena, from Cheboksary on the Volga.



Hi boys and girls. Spanish Administrator is not the only who can get the girls. At least the Russian ones. Meet Elena, from Cheboksary on the Volga.
Hi CS from the header I asked you for there are two main IP's.

Google searchIP-Address gives(planetsky.com) could be forged.

http://www.romancescam.com/ for gives you lots of pictures but again it looks like a Satellite provider IP.

http://www.altavista.com/ & http://www.tiscali.co.uk IP search is the winner here.

I got some pictures of Elena to post which will please DM .


Identical letters used can be found with the same IP as Elena Popova elenafine76@mail.ru .
This is a busy scammer with many various images of family & friends.

Hello Money!
I am very glad to receive your letter. You have very much interested me.
Write to me please more about you directly and send photos if have. I hope,
that we shall be frank with each other. I would like to ask you that you
did not spend our time all for nothing if not want to have serious
attitudes . I want to find the man for long and serious
attitudes .
Probably it is interesting to you, why I have decided to get acquainted
with the foreigner. I have decided to search for happiness in other country
because I well enough know English, I am able to translate, read, write and
I know the most widespread words and phrases. Still I have an output
in the Internet, but only on a workplace. To find the man through the
Internet to me my best girlfriend has advised. And still, you probably
itself understand, that in acquaintance to the foreigner there is a
romanticism. And I on character very romantic person. Here in Russia I did
not manage to find a suitable candidacy because many men at us it is a lot
of and frequently drink and are rough, and in general it is impossible to
rely on the some people. Certainly, there are good and decent
men, but it is not enough of them and with which I could communicate, do
not approach me on character. Besides the some people simply try to bypass
the party of clever and independent women and afraid to take the
first step for serious attitudes . Therefore I now in search.
I think, you want to know about me more. My growth makes 167 centimeters
and I weigh, I think, about 57 kg. Eyes at me grey, and color of hair by
nature brown, but I paint them in light tone. I was born and I live now
with parents in small city on the river Volga which refers to Cheboksary.
My parents of the teacher, mum father geography and a history teaches
Russian and the literature, and. My date of a birth on December, 2, 1976.
On a sign on the zodiac I the Sagittarius. After the termination
of high school (11 classes) I could act in the St.-Petersburg state
university on faculty of management. Five years a vein in a hostel of
university. In 1999 has received the diploma of the state sample and has
come back home. Since 2000 was arranged to work all over again as the
adviser, then the senior manager in travel agency " Ars-Tour " which is in
Cheboksary, and I work there till now.
I was never married and I have no children. But I have need
of creation of family and I want to have children. For this purpose I want
to find the good person who would love me, respected and in every possible
way cared of me. Such person can be you. I think, we should learn better each other.
I like to travel and I frequently be on the nature. Still I like to
prepare for various dishes and to experiment on kitchen a
little. I think, that I rather good cook . Also I love animals, is
especial cats and dogs. I have cat Barsik and I very much love it{him}.
I do not smoke, I drink alcoholic drinks extremely seldom and in a
measure, I try to watch the figure, in general I adhere to a
healthy way of life. My most favourite hobby - to look football with
friends and girlfriends.
I hope, that my letter has interested you. It is a pity, that in one
letter is unreal to tell to you all about me. I think, that we should begin
correspondence and thus to learn each other closer. I with
impatience shall wait for your letter. Elena.


using the Bat ,g-mail and satellite.

Date site profile filled out with attention to detail .

Full photo set here

I am a creative person. I am a pretty, honest and bright girl. I am very sensitive, talented and original. I've got well-developed sense of taste and style. My imagination helps me to perceive the world. Desire to perceive the world, desire to create and desire to love - these are constituents of my life. Also I am romantic, affectionate, reliable, sincere, open, resourrceful, eager, witty, warm. For my long-term relation I could be charming and friendly, funny and serious. If we feel that our hearts beet together we'll do anything that we dream about. I do appretiate open and warm relations. I am an Orthodox Christian, but not a fanatic, it just helps me to answer some of the questions life brings.
Who I'm looking for:?I would like to meet a honest, reliable, sincere, kind, caring and loving man. I want to find my soul mate who will also be my best friend, a loving husband and a person that possess a loving heart that needs to be loved. I have a lot of love i want to give and share withsomeone who can receive that love and then give love in return.

A meeting suggested in Russia ?

Hello my dear friend!
With the first lines of my first letter, it would be desirable to wish you good mood and successful day. And
also, I hope, that our acquaintance will bring to us set of the pleasant moments. And it will be interesting
to us to communicate with each other.
I hope, you had time to see my structure and if is not present, for the beginning, I would like to be
presented. My name Elena. To me 24 year . Now, I work as the manager in shop of female footwear. I live in
City Kazan, republic Tatarstan. I live one, in distances from the parents. And, as you already I hope has
understood, I try To adjust the private life. Unfortunately, presently, it is very difficult to find the
person who could to begin The partner in life. And consequently, I have addressed with similar search in the
Want to tell to you slightly about my character. One of the basic features of my character, I think that
always And in everything, I hope only for myself! Probably, it for the reason, that near to me was not
persons, which Could show the heat and care. But as well as any other woman, I love tenderness, attention,
understanding, And kindness. As a whole, in female character I think necessary presence of feminity. Which, I
so think, Is in me. And accordingly, I think, that in man's character, should be present man's Hardness.
I want to tell, that at me serious intentions concerning our correspondence. Also it would be desirable to
note, that I not Want to spend vainly, my time for the Internet! And differently, if me something interested
another, I not Began to address in agency of acquaintances. It is logical, whether the truth? And I hope, what
your intentions also are serious?! And our correspondence for you it is not simple entertainment?!
I want to emphasize that I am not going to correspond long time. And if I shall see in you persons, which
Approaches on a role of my partner in life I prefer to meet you. In my opinion, it most Effective way to
understand each other and to understand what we want. I hope, you understand and will agree with me in Volume,
what superfluous disappointments are not necessary for us?! And certainly, the first meeting, or if it is
possible so to name, ours The first appointment, will take place here, in Russia. I hope, you not against
it??? Well and after our meeting, we might To discuss my trip to you home. Certainly, if both of us shall want
it. And as you have already noticed, Resoluteness and straightforwardness, also are features of my character.
I hope, it of you at all Confuses?!
Thank you big for your photo which you have sent me. I was glad to receive her. I have looked at you and can
tell you the following... You nice the man!!! It is unconditional. Strong the man. When and where you were
photographed? I shall be fair before you, you have interested me. I Hope, that also could draw your
attention!?, that you also want to inform you stylish the man. I like how you put on. Once again thank you for
your Photo. You beautiful. Knowing now you, I shall be pleased always, receiving your new photos...
If you not against I would like to ask you a little. I hope, on your sincere answer.
- What woman is searched by you??? What you appreciate in the woman more?
- Whom you and where you work???
- What you think, concerning a meeting in Russia??? Certainly, if our attitudes it achieve it and we shall be
nice each other.
On it to me would like to finish the first letter. I hope, my letter has answered some your questions?! I
shall wait for your answer. Once again, I wish you good mood and successful day... Elena.
PS. Also, together with this my letter, I send you some my photos. I hope, I shall be to you nice?!


Third letter is off script and wants to meet in Russia ? .It can only mean I am scam potential

Hello my dear friend...
I hope, what at you and with you, everything is all right?! Nevertheless, it would be desirable to wish to you
good and vigorous Moods, and also good luck which, in my opinion, never will prevent.
At me everything is all right. At work too everything is all right. It is pleasant for me to realize, that our
correspondence proceeds and, That our interest is mutual. I hope, continuation of our correspondence it will
be so interesting, as well as her beginning.
Today, at us remarkable weather. I think, that it will be not bad to take a walk today along the street. In
the last time, my walks not so are often, as it would be desirable... Nevertheless, fresh air is necessary for
an organism. And the ambassador walks the freshness in a head and vivacity in mood is felt. And as frequently
you walk and whether you like in general to be on fresh air? Than you take a great interest in the free time?
As you like to carry out the evenings? What kind of rest is pleasant to you, active more or, nevertheless you
love rest around of yourself? That concerns me I like to be on fresh air. Usually, in the free time, I do make
that my mood allows me. That is, entertainments and hobbies of mine the free time may be versatile. For
example: sometimes, I like to meet the girlfriends and to talk to them on any theme. Or, I can to go at cinema
with the girlfriend. I can to go on a disco and give myself to dances under rhythmical music. But I want to
tell, that often campaigns in dancing club, me tire... Especially, to go on clubs of one it nevertheless not
so it is cheerful. You agree with me? Or, I simply can remain at home and occupy myself with reading
interesting books. In common, in a word, all depends on my mood. I would like to ask you, that you also has in
detail answered these my questions. Well? It would be interesting to me to know that you prefer and, that to
you It is pleasant.
And now, I would like to find time for your answers, for questions which I have set to you in last my letter.
In the beginning, it would be desirable to thank you, that in due time you answer my questions. I am very glad
to your attitude to me...
I liked to read that you search in the woman. I want to notice, that at you good taste. And you know, that it
is necessary for you from her. It is sure, that you will necessarily meet such woman, sometime. And, probably,
has already met such.:) and, now, it is necessary only time to find out it. Yes, ****?
Thanks that has written to me about the work. It was interesting to me to find out about it. How for a long
time you work, ******? You like your work?
****, why you have written nothing to me, concerning my question to you, in last my letter, on a meeting in
Russia? Please, answer.(I did) :mad:
You have written to me about our distinction in the age of!!! Yes, a question certainly interesting and he has
determined a sketch. Personally, that Concerns me, concerning age of my interlocutor, the future husband or
loved the man, his age for me a role Does not play. The most important not age, the most important that is in
his soul. His character, habits and all in this sort. You understand me? Let even to you there will be 70
years and if your soul has beauty, kindness, desire to help requiring, care about loved, etc., that you will
look on all 80 years more youngly. Or on the other example. We admit, that you are more senior than me on To
age. So in fact it even to the best because you know much. You have seen much. You can learn much me. In time
to put me on a way true. I am right, how you think? And then, you perfectly know, that I am tired to be one
and That I want to have serious relations. Your age is not necessary for me. You are necessary for me. You
understand me? Now such time, that Young men, the majority their quantity, are more interested on oversleeping
with the beautiful girl. And anything Serious is farther. I do not want similar. I want,that all was on
serious. I want to have good and decent The beloved. I want, that he cared of me. Also helped me difficult
minutes. Was with me beside. Also shared with me Grief and pleasure. Really your age does not presume similar?
If your age cannot I will allow that Has written, certainly, it is better to us to stop our relations. If you
can make all that I have written all this that It is necessary for me. You understand me? Also I ask you ****,
it is not necessary to me to write more about our distinction in the age of. Otherwise I can To think, that
you search for an occasion to swear with me. Or to interrupt our correspondence. Ok? Promise me, that more you
will not be To mention our distinction in the age of!!!! And by the way!!!! It can also will have for you
value. To me always Men liked is more senior than me on age. You understand me? So it seems to me, that
between us there are no problems, Concerning ours distinguish. You with me agree ****?
Special gratitude to you, for your new photos. It was pleasant for me to receive them, and to look at you. You
are lovely.:)
On it, I would like to finish the letter. I hope, on fast your answer. Elena.
PS. ****, I know, that now on the Internet, it is a lot of swindlers who play on trust each other. Therefore, I
wanted to make to you a pleasant surprise, having sent you a videoclip which has made literally one of these
days. I hope, it will be pleasant for you?! And very much I hope, that having seen this videoclip, you will
This is sent with text unfinished adding an mpeg video in reply to my 55 year old bait persona and says that she is real .
I don't remember saying I doubted it.
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I thought this one phoned me saying "Hello this is Galina",and with a heavy Russian accent it sounded like Hello this is "Elena" .....Oops ! another bait nearly lost, we'll see..? ! ?
I can post some info of the lad/ette, see if you get a different vid .:)


I LIKE this one. Mmmm. when you get tired of her Ben, pass her on.
Hi there SA ,I waited and i'm still on with the hungry lass.
Contact from date site http://www.sparkleroad.com.au
I would keep it short you know.. say Hi thank's for the message you can reach me here etc..

Dear friend...

How you? How your affairs? How your health? I very much hope, that, both at you, and with you, all in the full
order!? And still, I would like to wish you, only good... Successful day to you, **** and cheerful mood.

***** , I would like to remind you, of my existence! You still remember me??? Already some time, I do not receive
from you letters. You have stopped to write to me letters, why? You were disappointed in me, acquaintance to
me? Yes, ****? If it so, write to me about it directly better. I promise, that at you I shall not take offence.
I shall understand... Understand me, I cannot be in constant expectation of your letters, not knowing even
that reason why you are silent?!

I want to know, whether it is necessary to me to hope on continuation of our dialogue?! And whether you want
in general, to continue correspondence with me?

I send you the photo. I hope, if you have forgotten me, will recollect... If you have lost me, will find...

I shall wait for your answer.




Hello my dear.
I have just sent you the letter from my old address, with gmail. I hope, you have received this my letter?!?
It is my new address. Please, write to me now only on this new address.jenya.prekrasnaya@yahoo.com Ok?;-). I shall wait for your letter.

Elena has informed me of a change of email addy .It could be because Spanish Administrator is baiting her also and high potential victims are given separate or because a victim has paid a Western Union transfer and the scammer needs to close it.

From the beginning she has been asking me to visit her, and now she starts to turn this around in matter of urgency, an opportunity for her to visit me, which will determine the scam budget . I will have knowledge of the amount of money needed from my previous enquiries , the amount will not come as a shock.
With the inclusion of my name more often than normal in a build up to the all important money letter soon to come, coupled with great pains to hide computer location and spending time and know how making the video it looks like a professional group effort .

Hello ****,
I was very glad to receive your letter, again. It would be desirable to trust, that at you and with you,
everything is all right. I hope, that our dialogue, as well as me, and you, gives to you good mood. As, we
could find in The friend the friend that searched, all this time! That new to us, interesting and enticing us.
And I am mad It is glad to this...:) you are glad, *****?
*****, how has passed your day? What new has taken place for last days? You were visited with ideas which left ,
on your person, a smile? Tell to me, please, about them if certainly you will allow me to know about it?! To
me It will be very pleasant to know, that forces you to smile. That I could give more to you similar
Occasions. It is pleasant to me, when the person has joyful mood. It positively influences associates. Allows
them to look more cheerful even if their day was very difficult.
******, you love the sea? You were before on the sea? Probably, yes. I, no. And, very much it would be desirable
me, to see Sometime the sea, the eyes. Likely, this very much bewitching supervision? Yes, ****? It would be
desirable, that in this The moment, near to me was, my favourite person. And looking on the sea, I would think
that ours with him of feeling Have the same originality, power and beauty. And the sea, will be pleasant
addition, mine to him Feelings.
*But it, only the dreams giving hope, for their embodiment in a reality. It would be certainly healthy, if mine
Dreams took place, in my reality. You have not noticed, that the person, thinking about fine, always connects
it with Feelings of love? The love, enriches the person with different paints, betraying bright color to his
eyes, his ideas, To his dreams...
You likely are surprised to my mood? Likely, I seem to you strange? I would like, to ask to you a question,
please, answer him fairly. Ok? As you think, **** what should To be love, between two people? And on what she
should be based? It is very interesting to me to know your opinion.
******, reading your letter, I could not understand precisely where you would want to meet me?!? In my city? Or,
in your city ? Please, explain to me it and we shall continue our discussion at our meeting. I really would like
to meet you, and as soon as possible. I only shall be glad, if you can arrive to me, to my city, this month.
What will you tell to me on it, *****? Please, write to me the opinion. It is important for me to know him.
I want to thank you, for your photos. I at all did not suspect, that you can send me them.

Well that's all, my time has approached. And it is time to me to go. I hope, this my letter, will present you
of a few smile, and Heat. Write, I always with impatience wait for your answer. I wish you that the unpleasant
moments, bypassed you the side. And on soul, always there were only positive emotions. Success to you in your

With warm embraces. Elena.


New Member
A girl called Sveta wrote me the same letters

Her e-mail is: sveta.baby@yahoo.com and now she wrote me this:

The my dear friend!!! I thought much and I think, that we need to speak with
you. And consequently to an
occasion, I want to ask for you your number Domestic and if is also the mobile
phone. That, I could to you To
call. I think, that it will be very good, if we shall hear at last voices each
other. So in yours The
following letter, I shall wait your phone number. Sveta.

And Her last letter:

Hello Victor.

I Sincerely hope, that with you and at you everything is all right. I wish you
good mood and successful day.
At me everything is all right. At work too all is normal. Yesterday, to us have
brought a new set of footwear.
Therefore, me Yesterday it was necessary to be late at work. Want to tell, that
yesterday of me has slightly
tired. And as soon as I Has come home I have spent all free time for dream.
Today, I feel much better. Also I
think, That today's evening, I will manage to lead more more interestingly. And
than you were engaged
recently? That Interesting has taken place at you?
Want to admit, that I am pleased with that our correspondence proceeds. Also
want to admit, that I find you
The interesting person. If it is fair, at first I doubted that I so quickly will
manage to find such Persons,
as you. Estimating you, under your letters I can tell, that you are decent and
serious The man. But certainly
to be convinced of it up to the end, it will be possible to me only after our
meeting. Also I think, that you
too You can be convinced up to the end of me only after our meeting. You agree
with me?
When I think of you for some reason it seems to me, that our meeting carries
fatal character. I think, that
all We have found each other not vainly. At least, so my intuition prompts me.
But nevertheless, all will be so,
As it will be. But and at present, I can tell, that you excite my heart. And
certainly, I would like To hope,
that we shall not subject each other to disappointments. And what you think of
My friend I work as the hairdresser. I have my parents my mum and the daddy. The
truth I live from them
separately. At Me many fine and good friends. I have finished Kazan State
university and have received The
supreme economic education. My phone number (8432)66-32-15. I did not see your
sites. I hope that To me them
you will show.
On it I finish the letter. I hope for fast your answer. Once again, I wish you
successful day and good Moods.


Hi Vigwolf Thanks for the info .You could take any personal details off of "her" letter posted and then it will not have any come back to you. If you want to keep posting on this one it is best not to let them have your real details so it's advisable to not go any further. (the scammers telephone girl will want to phone you ) I have no idea how you found her out and the lead to AFI, perhaps you could quickly say how that came about .This scammer may just be using the same pics and scripts and the only way to find out who is who is reading email headers . If you are interested in finding out about this and also making yourself anonymous for future detective work please PM me Spanish Administrator or Central Scrutinizer, thanks..


I think she's putting you off because she's tied up with too many potential victims SA.
Don't be surprised to hear back from her in two weeks with "Where are you ??"


She could be too busy and soon to be on the re-bound ho ho .

Hello my ****,

Concerning our meeting! So it is a pity to me to read that you do not collect to visit Russia to meet me.:-((.
It is very sad news to me. I so wanted to meet you here, in my city. Thanks, certainly, for your offer to
arrive to you. But, alas, I cannot make so. Unfortunately, I have no enough for this purpose money. It is very
a pity to me. Certainly, if I had such money not deliberating, likely has agreed and would arrive to you. But
it not so. And now there is only one opportunity to meet with each other. Certainly, if you also want it?!? It
if you will arrive to me, to Russia. You should think of it seriously. Because if we with you shall not find
the decision for this question, the compromise then we should stop our dialogue. But I do not want it. Please,
think of my words. I really want to meet you. Reading your letters and looking on your photos, I can quite
assume, that you could appear that the man with whom I would be happy. And which, would be certainly happy
with me. I hope, it is mutual?!? Now, the decision remains for you. As you will decide, so we and shall act. I
wait for your answer. I very much hope that he, your answer, will be positive.
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Spanish Administrator

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Hooh! She wrote me back. Same pictures as Ben got. And she sems to be on script so far...
My name Elena. To me 24 year . Now, I work as the manager in shop of female footwear. I live in City Kazan, republic Tatarstan.
Yeah, I'll bet she's in Kazan.


Software used on the passport came up on photo info as "Adobe Photoshop 7.0".
If it was a real document to begin with ,Photoshop is in there for one reason .....


File Size: 58,310 Bytes
File Type: JPEG
Exif Byte Order: Big Endian (Motorola)
Image orientation: Top, left
Resolution (width): 72 pixels per inch
Resolution (height): 72 pixels per inch
Software used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
File date and time: 2007:05:15 14:36:49
Color space: Uncalibrated
Image width: 354
Image height: 480

Ebat` ne doljno

Hello, omitted!

Likely, it is interesting to discuss behind a back of girls, which, probably, really real?! You muzhiks all on one person! Earlier, I thought, that only women may be gossips, but having read a today's forum, has understood, that it is much worse than the man. It is a shame for men!!! I think, what now it is clear whence at you in [Mod. edit: pain in the posterior] and why she is necessary for you?!? Good luck to you, Pizdabolam.
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