Elizabeth Hearn, German Sheppard & Rottweiler puppies


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Hi. This all started with a Facebook post of these puppies. I was interested, so i replied. Then it was email Elizabeth Hearn & she was "relocating to B.C." for a new job & cant take care of the puppies. Then it was setting up contact with delivery company...thats when it got weird. This was the info she sent me via email, ashippingcargoltd@yahoo.com phone # 5159996532 Mr Huffman Glen was the director on board. She gave an invoice or following #'s 237675638511 Christelle Ngueng Mouto, city Victoria country Cameroon zip code 00237.
With instructions, call & make arrangements with the delivery company, she paid the $100 registration fee & i have to pay the $600 for 2 puppies delivered to my door. I googled the # & it came up a methadone clinic, Edward something? Soi then got the red flags going on inside me, i text her she said she was a God fearing lady and couldn't or wouldn't ever do that...then change delivery option, pay upon delivery of puppies but i had to pay the $100 "activation fee" go to western union and send...well when i typed in zip code 00237 western union came up with pet scammers...her email was elizabethhearn492@yahoo.com & cell # 615 442 3283

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You're buying a dog, not a new car. When it starts getting complicated and all these new people start popping into the picture, it's a scam. And as Jessica says the word Cameroon always means scam.

Sarah Berman

Now she is on Facebook selling Parrots. When I contacted her and got her prices, it sounded suspected.

John Robinson

Thanks for posting this. She is now on Facebook selling Marmoset monkeys supposedly out of Memphis. There are so many scammers out there, glad the internet helps weed them out!