Elizabeth Umier Richardson, US Military


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Subject: Hello, I hope to read from you very interestin

Nice to meet you.

My name is Elizabeth Umier Richardson, from Illinois, USA. I am a Military officer, I hope this mail will find you well & healthy and I hope we can establish a relationship since we are meeting here for the first time. It is my desire to know you, I like honesty, trust, love, caring, truth and respect, I have all this qualities in me, kindly respond to me through my private email box elizabethumeir@gmail.com

so that we can know ourselves better so that i will send you my photos and tell you more about me, I hope to read from you very interesting.


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Subject: I need your assistance to evacuate my part of money

Hello dear ,
Hope you are doing well ?

First i want you to understand that no matter what someone might have achieved in life we should learn to remain humble and grounded and never discriminate. Despite my accomplishment and achievement in my chosen career i still have the loving heart of a woman. My dear i can not be able to call you on phone due to my present location.

How is the weather condition over there ? My dear yes i really want to establish a long term relationship with you and maybe we can start as friend or go into business partner as I want to invest in your country. Tell me how the economy of your country is and how is the market and investment over there ? Which area is profitable to invest on? So that i can know the area to invest on. I was born on the Ist of July 1977. I choose you after careful consideration and prayer and i hope you will not betray the trust i have on you.

As I said before, I am a military officer working in the US military base camp (Brigade of Engineers) in Libya. The US military base lies north of the Euphrates River, three miles from the city of Raw-ah, along a main route connecting the Libyan border with the roads leading north to Mosul and east to Baghdad . I want you to know that we are being attacked by insurgents every day and car bombs here in Libya. On October 1 last year, during our rescue mission for a Jordanian (hostage) pilot at the ISIS Oil Facility, there was a particularly brutal shoot-out in Raquel, the capital of Isis in Libya, after defeating them, we found a box of two Crests containing lots of money belonging to the sponsors and supporters of ISIS, I believe the money was intended for the purchase of weapons and ammunition, so we agreed by 9 Army officials in that rescue mission that money will be Included and will be shared among all of us. After we shared the money, I got a share of
$9,000,000 (Nine Millions US Dollars)from the US Government has ordered the relocation of my team to another US military base located on the border between Jordan and Syria, so I need your assistance to evacuate my part of the money from this country (Libya) to your own country. Before senior Army officials find out. I request you to keep it safe on my behalf until I come over to your country, It is clear to me that I might be afraid of this proposal, but I want to let you know that I have made solid arrangements with a security charge Company that specialize in delivery Diplomatic and who have promised to deliver the fund through the diplomatic method to any of my fate of choice. This delivery will be handled legally by the Security Loading Company and there will be no risk in the process and the money will be securely stamped in a Diplomatic Box and the Diplomatic Box will be delivered in your country by a Diplomat. I have decided to compensate you with 25% of the total money once you have the money delivered, while the rest will be my investment capital in your country. Please I need your assurance that if this money is delivered to you, that you will be reliable to keep the money safe until i come to your country to meet you, then we will plan on how to live our life and invest with it. A passionate resource that I will do to you is not to discuss this matter with a third party, if you do not want to help this business please delete this letter from your email box to avoid any leak of this information and it will be dangerous based on my position here.

I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my confidence nor frustrate my dream, although you wonder why I am revealing myself so soon to you without a formal presentation, well, I will say that my mind is convinced that you are the real person To help me in receiving and investing this fund. Note I do not know how long we will stay here and my destiny, since I survived two bombings here, which led me to seek a reliable and trustworthy person to help me receive and invest the Fund, because I will come to country of origin to invest and start a new life as a retired lieutenant soldier. I hope my explanation is very clear, but if you need more clarification, let me know and I'll explain more, I want you to know that here in the military base camp we are not allowed to make use of the mobile phone, we only do radio messages and communication by email to elizabethumeir@gmail.com, so please let us continue by emailing us for the average time. In conclusion, I would like you to send me an answer to elizabethumeir@gmail.com immediately as regard to this proposal, your urgent response will be greatly appreciated before we relocate.

Attached here is my pictures. I wait to receive your acceptable response as soon as you read this letter.