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Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2019
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Attention please

Your long awaiting ATM package worth of $5.5 Million has been signed by the United Nations Org for proof of delivery and issued to Eng. Johnson Scott, an agent from DHL Courier Company on your behalf. Eng. Johnson Scott arrive our Office in U.K for the final endorsement of this delivery to your home address anywhere in the world.

For proof to this subject, we advise you track your package using our service as shown below: Follow the instructions.

Website www.dhl.com
This is the tracking number: 2267560116 - locate the tracking area on the website, paste the number and hit the enter button to reveal the details.

Once convince by this, kindly send us your full name and delivery address together with your phone numbers to enable me forward it to agent Eng. Johnson Scott who is to deliver the package tomorrow. Do well to forward me your delivery address immediately to enable him proceed to your address with the ATM package as signed and approved by the United Nations Org here in U.K

Finally, you are to pay only $65 to our U.S. Cashier for the delivery charge which is to be done today. Please make sure you track your package with the tracking details giving to you for proof.

I await your urgent reply. Thanks