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Hi, dear!Please do not be marveled to my message. With your approval, I will report you more about me. I'm looking for a man for a relation and spend time together. I am cheerful, optimistic girl. I love to dream and take pleasure life. I like to spend time in friendly company. But inside of me right now is ice. I want to meet a man who defrost the frost. I'm hope you can be my prince. You know, I'm an open girl, so to speak, I'm without complexes and without pernicious habits. I do not drink spirits or smoke. If you have no complexes and ready to join in the world of pleasure and caress, if you are agree out of the unhappy uninteresting life do shining unforgettable dream, do not miss this chance, put all the work and write me soon! We could speak and send photography, even intimate. Over time, of course, you would get more of my image and ability to know me even better. I expectation that I could like you and our relation will keep on. Your Elvirchik