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Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
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My name is Emmaunal Eze

I am a talented young footballer here in Africa but have recently found myself without a club due to political reasons. My last club was in Zimbabwe but was put out of business due to Robert Mugabes land reform program which stole the playing pitch from the club. My agent was killed after being poisoned by a rival here. It was due to the effects of the poison that my agent suffered a stroke while driving and crashed his car on the Sagbama Highway. It was a tragic loss but I know now that he no longer suffers from the pain of his ovarian cancer. Further to this I am now being targeted by assassins who are working for the killers of my agent.

Several clubs in Europe have expressed interest in me and would invite me for trials with them but I cannot afford the air flight. My now dead agent was planning to fund my travels but his account with the Central Bank of Nigeria remains in limbo and unaccessible. I have been in contact with Professor Charles Soludo regarding this but to no avail.

I am now desperate for help as all doors in professional football here in Africa have been closed to me. Young Boys FC from Switzerland have expressed a strong interest in me. They have told me that I can attend a contract signing at the Wankdorff Stadium later on this year but due to financial rules regarding European clubs they cannot pay my flight. I am fearful for my life here and the only way I can play football here is if I offer my body to homosexual football league bosses. I am desperate to start my career in Europe so that I can gain a lot of money in order to help the orphanage here in my home town where I was raised under the watchful eye of Reverend Norbert Kolon who was an English priest here before he died peacefully in his sleep after many years spent battling trojan viruses and spyware.

In exchange for any financial help you can assist me with I am willing to pay you a percentage of all career earnings I make in Europe. Modern footballers make many millions throughout the career and I assure you that I am much better than Beckham, Zidane, Kaka, Messi, Ronaldo and Titus Bramble put together and multiplied by an unfathomable amount. I was told this by my coach before he quit football to become a wealthy cocoa merchant. He had agreed to help fund my travels but was unfortunately killed by a landmine that his mansion had been built upon many years before.

Please help me by sending part of the costs for my travel to be at Wankdorff by Young Boys FC.

If you send $300 I will give 10% of my career earnings
If you send $1000 I will give 40% of my career earnings

Any other amounts I will let you know about the returns available.

Thank you for your time.

Emma Eze