Emma From Anambra

from: Reza Khan <rezakhanuae@gmail.com>
reply-to: rezakhanuae@gmail.com
date: 22 March 2021, 16:19

How far,

I saw your format in this my work box i haven't checked for sometime,i
am your fellow G guy,we can be running works together,i'm Emma from
Anambra but based in Vietnam, i returned to Naija recently to tidy
some projects,i'm an expert in handling fellow guymen jobs,i also
receive any type of job money for guymen through Western
Union,Moneygram and bank transfers,if you have any type of job be it
dating,lotto,come and carry,come and marry,transfer from
Europe,America,Asia or anywere,bring the job and i shall handle the
job well to get so much money from the client, even if the job is a
fresh or old job, wether the client has paid before or not, it does
not matter,just bring the job and i will handle it well to make the
client pay well, a trial will convince you to bring more jobs and link
your guys to me.

My modus operandi is before you forward any client to me,you will have
to contact the client and inform him or her that his or her money will
now be transfered from your affiliate bank in Asia,that he should be
expecting a call and or email from your affiliate bank,once you notify
the client,send me the client's email address,phone number,format you
are using on the client and the amount the client is expecting,once
you notify the client and send me the above details,leave the rest for
me,an igbo adage says : tupuru nkita okpukpu n'ezi,rapuru ya ogu ya na
ndi mmuo(Throw the bone out to the dog and leave him with the fight of
the spirit)any client that i handle must definitely pay.

I get contacts in different countries in Europe,America and Asia that
provides bank accounts and western union receiving infos,i have
Vietnam accounts for receiving local job payments,i can also receive
western union with any name in Vietnam,so anytime you need bank
account or western union info to receive work money from any part of
the world i'm available,money receiving sharing is i will collect 20%
and any job i handle that pays the sharing is 50-50.If you have a
client that wants to pay you but the mugu's country does not send
money out through Western Union or moneygram,tell the client to
transfer the money to my Spanish,Portugal,USA,Poland or Thailand bank
account and once i receive the money i will transfer the money to you
via Western Union,if you have a client that wants to pay you but he
does not want to send money to you because you are in Africa,tell the
client to send the money via Western Union to me and once i receive
the money,i will send the money to you through Western Union.

Good tools are hard to get these days,if you need good tools i have a
trusted hacker in Vietnam i can link you to,he sells all type of job
tools like tools for bombing emails and sms,fresh email leads,mobile
phone numbers,credit card details,paypals,alibaba tools etc,he created
a very sharp mailer that is reigning in Cambodia now,you just load
thousands of emails to the mailer and it sends emails automatically
and it has no limit to the number of emails it can send in a day and
it delivers to inbox of all email providers,the mailer is reliable and
it lasts for 1 month,so if you or your guys are interested in buying
tools or has any job you want me to handle or has any deal money you
want me to receive for you through Western Union or Bank,reply.