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Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2018
Subject: Gold offer

Good Day,

My name is Engr. Kwaado Ignatius,
I am working with a gold mining company in Ghana West Africa called Omega concept Ghana Ltd as mining Engineer. I am working here on contract bases which 90% of my salary is been paid with our product gold and the remaining 10% is paid cash for my up keeping. I have about 185 kilograms of gold now that I am looking for a person who can assist me to pay for the export of the gold to his or her country and the person take 20% commission of the total amount derived after the sales of the gold and also deduct the amount spent for the export of the gold to his or destination, before investing the remaining part on my behalf. I contacted you because I believe with your information I got here, you can help me move the gold out of this country. If you are interested kindly let me know. I'm waiting for your response.

Engr. Kwaado Ignatius