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Subject: Please read very carefully,

Please read very carefully,

I am Mark Borgar from USA a war ships Chief engineer working with US army on contract basic in Syria war zone. We were in the ship when the rebels came to attack us in the ship, the rebels was traveling to go out of the country to buy arm nations when the American soldiers cut them they started shooting guns they killed 2 of American soldiers. the American soldiers kill them all without knowing that one of the rebels ran in to the ship through the west hose in the water and inter inside the engine room with 2 boxes i know go to the engine room and notice that someone is there with bullet wound with the boxes i now fought with him and throw him inside the sea to end his life in the water, after that i open the boxes 1 box was 80kg of Gold bar and money Hug amount of money (15 Million US dollars) they want to use to buy the arm nation`s.

I now remitted (12 Million dollars) to the authority and hide out (3Million dollars and the Gold bar) with my working materials nobody knows about this only you and me i hide the money because nobody sees money in any body's hand here because USA government is taking care of us in any thing we need here in the camp, so if they find any cent from anybody here is problem. Please dear i urgently want you to give me advice what to do because my reason of contacting you is to know if you are capable to receive this parcel so that i will send this money with the Gold bar to you as family treasure with the help of Diplomat who will deliver the parcel to you in your door step as a parcel. As you can understand I am in a tit corner here in Syria, my problem now is that I need a honest man that will not seat on the money and Gold after receiving the parcel.

Please confirm to me that you are honest and capable to receive this parcel I have agreed to give you 40% from the total amount I will take 60%. I hope is Ok by you?

God has seen I and you through with this blessing if really you are honest person. My plan is this as soon as you receive this parcel i will resign from work and join you over there immediately to start a new life with my own part of the money and buy house and open up little business to help myself. Reply as soon as possible is urgent mater.

Mean while i am now in the hospital taking treatment. I am waiting to hear from you very urgent reply through my private mailbox markborgar@yahoo.com

Eng. Mark Borgar