Eng. Uduak Walter Onnoghen, Nigeria


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Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2021
Subject: From Engr Uduak Walter Onnoghen

Dear ,

I am Engr Uduak Walter Onnoghen, the son of the recently suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria. I write to make a plea to you as one of my father`s friends, who works with the Ministry of Finance under foreign Contractors payment Reconciliation Department , advised.

To be precise, my father`s case is still under investigation as such, there are some hidden funds which i want to keep in safer hands so that this Government will not get hold of it. This is a secret. Even my father`s friends do not know i am communicating with you over this.

Please, if you are interested in helping me out by receiving the Fund, reply me (engrudwonnoghen@gmail.com) or more details.

Engr U. W Onnoghen.

MY PRIVATE EMAIL: engrudwonnoghen@gmail.com