Engr. Jong Drong, Triumph Oil & Gas Company, Madagascar

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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015


My name is Engr. Jong Drong, I'm working with the Triumph Oil & Gas Company of Madagascar also known as T-OIL. I will officially guide you on how to obtain a crude oil sales license with T-OIL. This crude oil sales license gives the beneficiary the mandate to sell T-OIL ALBA crude oil to any part of the world and the license attracts a host commission of Three dollar per barrel sold. This means that T-OIL will be paying you a total commission of Three dollar per each barrel sold under your license as the license operator. This crude oil sales license has a capacity of one million barrels of crude oil per month, this means that at the end of every sales transaction monthly, you are entitled to receive a total commission of Three Million US dollars from T-OIL. I attached my passport also.

I will give you details on how this works as soon as I read from you.

Engr. Jong Drong