Engr Khalid Ahmed, Universal Maintenance & Cleaning


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
from: chemical <pmailahmed1952@gmail.com>
date: Jan 2, 2020,
subject: what to do

Dear Sir

Universal Maintenance & Cleaning LLC,UAE ,lead the industry in cleaning bank stained notes from pink to black dyed currency. Our main line of products and services serve the financial industry as a whole, where our main clients are banks , humanitarian organisation and individuals. The SSD solution in its full range is the BEST CHEMICAL on the market for cleaning Anti breeze bank notes, defaced currency, marked notes and the likes. It is capable of cleaning notes/currency with BREEZE capacity.

We are renowned for chemical melting and recovering,currency/notes testing and analysing.HUMINE POWDER, CONSERVATION , HUMINE POWDER , ACTIVATING POWDER FOR CLEANING GALVANISED MONEY, BLACK MONEY or 'DIRTY DOLLAR' which stops the dye from permanently defacing the currency while you find the SSD cleaning or 're-facing' solution.

These powders are very necessary during the Cleaning Process and during the CONSERVATION PROCESS for ANTI-BREEZE BANK NOTES, the CONSERVATION POWDER has to be changed every 6 months, or the BREEZE LEVEL will rise and will lead to POOR result during the CLEANING PROCESS.

We require the following from you so that we can provide a sale offer to you
1. Your Full Names
3. Telephone Number
4. Occupation
5. Copy of your means of Identification
6. Copy of your Utility Bill-water or energy bill
7. Indicate Outright Purchase or Rental of the Cleaning Machine
8. if Rental, state Duration
9. Services of a technician if required.
10.State the amount involved

Thanks for your anticipated Co-operation

Engr Khalid Ahmed