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Hello Friend,

My name is Engr. Steven F. Wayne, I work with the Triumph Oil & Gas Company of Madagascar also known as T-OIL. I will officially guide you on how to obtain a crude oil sales license with T-OIL. This crude oil sales license gives the beneficiary the mandate to sell T-OIL ALBA crude oil to any part of the world and the license attracts a host commission of $3 per barrel sold.

This means that T-OIL will be paying you a total commission of $3 per each barrel sold under your license as the license operator. This crude oil sales license has a capacity of one million barrels of crude oil per month, this means that at the end of every sales transaction monthly, you are entitled to receive a total commission of $3MUSD from T-OIL.

I will give you details on how this works as soon as I confirm your understanding.

We shall proceed as soon as I hear from you.



This is what the same guy sent me:


I'm a Procurement officer at Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd (SRC). We buy crude oil, refine it and sale the refined products. Our company has an urgent need for a 2 million barrel monthly supply of National Oil Corporation of Libya (NOCL) crude oil for a total period of 12 months (1 year). Our vice president Ms. Foo, who is directly in charge of crude oil purchase has saddled me with the responsibility of looking for a crude oil licensed agent with the NOCL who we can buy the crude oil from NOCL through. This is so because the NOCL does not sale their product directly to the buyers rather, the NOCL sell through their approved licensed agents who acts as their sales agent/middle man between them and their buyers.

My proposal is this, that we (me and you) work together to get you the NOCL license which will authorize you to be a sales agent for the NOCL and subsequently the middle man between our company (SRC) and NOCL in our company's purchase intentions. In summary, I'm proposing for you to obtain a license from NOCL to sale their crude oil to enable me to introduce you to our company's vice president who is directly responsible for crude oil purchase, so our company will buy the Libyan crude oil through you as a license agent to NOCL.

The NOCL pays their approved licensed agents a commission of $7.00 per barrel of their crude oil sold. For a monthly supply of 2 Million barrels to our company SRC, you will be entitled to receive a monthly commission of (2 million barrels multiply by $7.00) US$14 Million from NOCL Libya after our company SRC successfully buys the crude oil through your license.

You can either apply for the license under your individual name or using a company name if you have a registered company owned by you alone. I will prepare a draft License Application Letter for you to sign and submit to NOCL either in person at their head office or electronically through email scan attachment to their official email . Before NOCL can approve your license application, they will request to confirm that you have a potential buyer for their crude oil and if you are registered with their operators and contractors board.

Let me know if you need more clarifications to enable us move further to apply for the license.

Engr. Steven F. Wayne
Procurement Department
Singapore Refining Company Pty Ltd


Same type of story, from the same guy. Contacted via LinkedIn. Beware. Classic scammer.