epcdvd.com = tukkor.com - Scam website


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The 2 websites are registered in the Netherlands and he is in Turkey so I don't know why he is worried about them.

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Way to go sakkan! You took an innocent little thread at AFI and turned the big spotlight on it and now your website is dead. If only they were all this easy.
The problem is the web site isn't completely down. Some links in Google are still active, such as http://www.epcdvd.com/products/John-Deere-Keygen.html. I suspect the scammer might have taken down the main page himself to try and keep is ass out of trouble. Most likely he's looking elsewhere for a rogue server to host his warez on. Any new pages he sets up won't last long either.

Also, it appears these illegal keygens and password gens the scammer is selling can be found on the internet for free on various file hosting pages. I wouldn't be surprised if he downloaded them for free and is selling them for profit. This guy is a mega scumbag!
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He's up and running again at www.epcsoftware.com. The site is hosted in Turkey on sgstelecom.com, so this is going to be a tough one to take down. The Turks host a lot of Canadian pharmacy web sites we constantly get spammed for, and I've never had any luck in getting them taken down by contacting the hosting service.

Is there anyone here that is fluent in Turkish?

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Report 2011-07-04 01.30.38 (GMT 1)
Website epcsoftware.com
Domain Hash 263466c25626436b95041ea8a86f24ff
IP Address [SCAN]
IP Hostname mail.ombhost.com
IP Country TR (Turkey)
AS Number 31365
AS Name SGSTELEKOM SGS Telekom Autonomous System

Time for it to die guys. :)
I am!

What is your problem?

What is MY problem? Are you really THAT stupid? You find illegal keygens and password generators on the internet for free, then sell them for outrageous prices on your stupid web site and rip people off. Let me repeat that word again: ILLEGAL! You are a lowlife scumbag, therefore, the web site is coming down. And I will personally notify Turkish law enforcement and Interpol about your ILLEGAL activities.

I suggest you go find something honorable to do for a living, like shine shoes or make pottery.


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I argue with you that,You are you fighting with me?

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but I argue with you.
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Hey dumbass! You just don't get it. There are NO keygens on Ebay. NO keygens on epcatalogs.com. NO keygens on autocd.com. All they sell is LEGITIMATE software, nothing illegal. Hostgator took down your page because what you sell is ILLEGAL!

What is offered on the other sites is ILLEGAL, and since most of them are hosted in China, they can get away with it.

Thank you for bringing autosvs.com to my attention. I'll have them taken down too for selling keygens, because they are hosted in the USA.

I'll say this one more time and maybe....just maybe you'll get it:

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