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If you need to contact a police agency in your country, you might find a link here. Please note that we try and keep these links up to date, but if you find a dead link or one that has changed, please PM to admins so we can update them.

The Cos de Policia d'Andorra webpage is here:

The Ministry of the Interior (Министерство на вътрешните работи) is here is Bulgarian:
And here in English:

The Politi (Danish National Police force) webpage is here in Danish:

An unofficial webpage of the Republic of Georgia Internal Forces is available in English at It doesn't looked updated very much.

The German Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office) website is here in German: Links to the English, French, Spanish and Russian pages are found at the top right of the main page.
Links to the various State police sites can be found in German at:

The webpage of the Garda Síochána, the National Police Service is here in English:


Links to various police agencies in Poland can be found in Polish at:


The webpage for the Politia Româna is here in Romanian:

and here in English:

There is also a website for the Romanian police who need your help to catch Romanian cybercriminals at

The webpage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is here in Russian:
GAI, The Federal Russian Traffic Police webpage is here in Russian:

The Cuerpo nacional del Policia website is in Spanish at


The Swiss Agency for Crime Prevention (SKP PSC) can be found
in English at
auf Deutsch:
en Français:

United Kingdom
A very good website in the UK is the one for the Metropolitan Police Fraud Alert at
You can email them at or you can contact the London Police at
The address is: Specialist Crime Unit, Wellington House, 67-73 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6BE

The U.K's new National Fraud Intelligence Bureau is at
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Dutch police email address for 419 victims

From our friends in the Netherlands:

If you are scammed by, or received instructions to send money to The Netherlands from 419 scammers in The Netherlands, and you have a loss, then use the format below and mention in the subject/first line APOLLO - LOSS

Report a scam attempt without a loss, mention in the subject APOLLO - NO LOSS

We would love to see that a less complicated and more concise instructions can be given for the Netherlands, but until then this is it

If you send information about 419 fraud to the email address of the DnRI do it in a MS-Word, PDF or JPG document not in the body of the email because then the email could be blocked by a spam filter


The Fraud Department of the National Criminal Intelligence Service of the Netherlands is investigating worldwide fraudulent practices known as the “ Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud” or the “Nigerian 419 Fraud”.

In case that you have been in contact with the suspects in The Netherlands, and that you have fallen victim to these fraudulent practices we would like to warn you not to pay any money more. We also seek your cooperation in our inquiries by sending us a written account which includes the following data in the following format. Please sent one complaint by e-mail and one, original signed, by post/ fedex..


Postbus 3016  Korps landelijke politiediensten
2700 KX Zoetermeer Divisie Recherche
Subject : Fraud / swindle investigation
Reference : Project Apollo (LOSS or NO LOSS)
telephone no. : 0031- 79- 3458900 : 0031- 79 -3459100
E-mail address : WACN(at)

“ I : full name;
: Date, Place en country of birth;
: Profession and Nationality;
: Full Address and Country;
: Telephone and Fax number and E-mail address.
“ herewith officially report a fraud / swindle to the Dutch judicial authorities.

Proceed by giving a chronological survey of the case, including the following items:
Χ How did the first contact with the suspect come about ?
Χ How were you approached ?
Χ Who approached you ( please state full name, tel/fax. And E-mail address) ?
Χ What was the role/function of this person ?
Χ How did the suspect present the case to you ?
Χ Who else have you been in contact with, and what was the role/function of this person ?
Χ Please list your contacts with the suspect ( date, time, by telephone, by fax or by E-mail ) ?
Χ Did you meet one or more of the suspect in person ?
Χ Would you be able to recognise the persons you met ?

Please state whether you made any payments and if so, why you made them. List the payments you made, stating the amount, the date and the beneficiary and including the manner of payment (in cash, by money transfer or by payment into a bank account) Please state the particulars of the bank, the account number and the name of the beneficiary.

Please state that your statement may be used against the suspects in legal procedures, adding that you claim a refund from the suspects of the money you paid.

Finally, declare that your statement is the truth, and please remember to sign the statement.

Please include with your statement an copy of your passport and the documents you have received or sent and any receipts you may have, and make reference to them in your statement.
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