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Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2018


I am the above named person. Am working as a junior staff under Mr.Godwin Emefiele the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria who replaced Sanusi Lamido Sanusi . I am a Minister with Over Comers Church Int'l. Having noticed the problem in your contract payment and also what you have spent, I decided as a woman of God to tell you nothing but the truth.

Information from Investigation and Security Dept of Central Bank of Nigeria is that you have totally lost a lot of money in various places without success. This is a secret information which has not been made known to Federal government. You are hereby advised not to spend a cent until you make this matter known to the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari.

My Boss and other Senior Government officials had a meeting where they agreed on how to enrich themselves through foreign Contractors. If you rely on any Government officials, your payment cannot be actualized because they are all after contractor’s/ Inheritors money. They even share monies collected from contractors every Friday of the week.

Please be informed truly that your fund is not in any other place except here in Nigeria.

I am giving you my Christian advice for you to avoid any person from any office for the purpose of this payment. Please do not disclose my identity to any Nigerian for Security purpose. If my Boss happens to know that I am the person that release this information to you, I will definitely lose my job and my life will be at stake. So try to protect me.

The problem with your contract payment is that nobody wants to direct you rightly hence they have been extorting money out from you.

The person that will assist you positively for this purpose is Mrs. Aishat Buhari the wife of the President Mohammadu Buhari. Mrs. Aishat Buhari is the Chairman Contractors/ Inheritance Association of Nigeria (CIAN).

This Association is like a pressure group that fight for the interest of their members. Mrs. Buhari uses her position and that of her husband the President Federal Republic of Nigeria to assist contractors and inheritors. Since they assumed office on May 29th, she has helped not less than five Contractors/ inheritors who got paid. Contact her on her e-mail address: mrsaisha.buhari@outlook.com Her telephone number is 234-8125014023.

For those of you that have funds outside Nigeria, be informed that the funds have been recalled to Central Bank of Nigeria the origin of the transaction based on cleaning up exercise of the new President.
Please tell Mrs. Aishat Buhari that you got her Contact through your country’s Embassy in Nigeria. Do not tell her that I directed you to her.

I don’t have any financial interest in giving you this information. The only thing you can do for me is to help me to travel to America or Canada so that I can continue my Missionary work over there.
You can reach me on my E-mail address: sandraobaseki2002@gmail.com

Remain blessed in Jesus Name. Amen.