Evil mugu and demonic muguhunters from hell chained for prison


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Korean mugu turns scammer and is arrested for selling black dollars to me and then he helps to arres the Liberians with the black dollar cleaning machine. Mr Kim was a very evil mugu who turned scammer when arrested he cried "I was only trying to get back some of the money I lost". This video shows that many Korean businessmen have a deviant side and selfish nature. Several Korean businessmen have been found selling black dollars in Bangkok after being scammed by Liberians and Nigerians. We refer to victims of scams that are based on greed as MUGU and a mugu that resorts to scamming to get his money back is a most wicked mugu. In this video the wicked mugu caught and handcuffed with the black dollars in his car was Mr Kim who he had been trying to sell to me for days at 70% of the face value, in the back of his large car there was an entire black dollar laboratory with cases of black dollars and cleaning chemicals. Mr Kim used his scamming skills to scam the immigration chief into believing he was a victim but the chief did not believe until Mr Kim used his scammy charisma to scam the immigration investigation chief into believing he was innocent. He further added that he could scam Liberians into bringing a dollar cleaning machine if he could be set free. Be warned the evil Kim is still on the loose and has a sociopathic scamming nature and no sense of remorse, he invited me for a Korean meal to apologise but was too evil to ever say the word "SORRY" showing the sinister nature of these Korean black dollar scammers. We had to wait hours for the Liberians to arrive with the machine.

A ROMANCE SCAM is far more complicated than a naive woman chatting with a white man on Facebook not realising that a cunning Nigerian is waiting for her to enter a giant factory of operatives that will work as a team to eat all her money until she has no meat left on her bones as they feast over her like hungry dollar vultures.

Romance scams are when africans play a game where they dream they are american soldiers or arab princes or italian billionaires and so on falling in love with millions of lonely women on the internet and chatting with them to build up a relationship before starting and elaborate system to milk and milk and milk dollars and pounds and euros from them in incredible amounts. Scammers also commonly refer to romance scams as "choppin baitches" and often consider it ethical to punish the devil hiding inside greedy women. The romance scam victims if they continue to pay the package received will often contain fake gold or black dollars in order for the next scene in the 419 movie which is wash wash action and so on.

419 scam : The bible Phillipians 4:19 - my God shall supply all my needs according to his riches and glory

Psalm 41:9 (NLT) 9Even my best friend, the one I trusted completely,[ ] the one who shared my food, has turned against me.

Nigeria's constitution of criminal code section 4, subsection 1, paragraph 9 = 419 Which effectively means if you just think of scamming someone then you are guilty and should be arrested a very strict and harsh law which most other countries do not have so the scammers try to go to countries where the laws do not protect wicked mugus, in Europe, Australia and America scammers can scam relatively freely just with the odd safari headache caused by a baiter but no serious punishment, in Asia and around Africa it is far far more dangerous and very brave scammers like this one dare to enter the dangerous brutal underworlds of Asia and risk their lives, here the scammer is in police custody, unlike Caucasian species Asians are far more likely to butcher the scammer skinning him alive until dead in a pool of blood as a warning not to try and scam them making the final 419 battle scene where a person who has lost fortunes online will now meet the scammer face to face only to lose more money again and again.

Victims are called mugus and whenever the mugu runs out of money the scammer finds work for them either couriering drugs or opening fresh bank accounts to receive money from other victims and to be able to keep a percentage of the new mugu money for the money laundering service of course it means police investigating would find the "VICTIM" instead of the 419 ninja scammer who hides invisibly behind his victims.