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Return-Path: <ojokenneth200tg@gmail.com>
From: "Mr. Fabio Duru" <mr.fabiodurutg@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020
Subject: Lee mi mensaje

Website: www.westernunion.com

Address: Plot 1261, Adela Hopewell Street CO / B / REP, Republic of Togo.

Please note that email address owner, Sequel to the meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation,International Monetary Fund (IMF) is compensating all scam victims here Togo and Some email users whose name and email address found on the list.

However, we have agreed to make their own payment via Western UnionR Money Transfer, $ 5,000 per day until the total amount of your the compensation fund is transferred to you. BELOW IS THE WEB SITE AND TRACKING MTCN TO ENABLE SCHEDULED THEIR FIRST PAYMENT APPROVED,
https://www.westernunion.com/global-service/track-transfer This is your first payment information: MTCN #: 517 125 6760 programmed Amount: $ 5,000 Tracking your first payment offline Money Transfer | Global money

It is recommended that you contact the contact person via e-mail below. For more information on how to receive your payment. Contact person :. . Hon. Azulu Steven Email address :. . ( stevenazulu1@yahoo.com )

Thank you, Mr, Fabio Duru
Director of Western Union Money Transfer,
Central Office of the Republic of Togo