Facebook pet scams are common

Isabella Lum, Cameroon pet scammer.
Phone numbers found
+1 651 560 7534 A long lasting and much used number in a variety of scams

(929) 3565023 A number associated with the scams.

Groups and pages on Facebook such as "Pets For Sale, Puppies Near Me"
"Pets For Sale, Dogs and Puppies Near Me"
"Cats And Kittens For Sale Near Me"

None of these fakes tell you where they are, and they don't know where you are either-obviously.

petscammerissabellalum .jpg
The scammer here is using a stolen photo of an Italian writer Elena Genero Santoro not that it matters.
They were kind enough to leave themselves in the photos .
If you see these numbers selling pets, cars, farm animals then you are dealing with a scammer.
Email addresses used too

There are more inside this large scam network.
There are no pets available and the pictures of animals are always stolen and you will be presented with many excuses to relieve you of money. For goodness sake find a breeder near you using reputable sources and go and visit the breeder personally and actually see what you may be buying

Be duly warned

De Master Yoda

There are no pets available and the pictures of animals are always stolen and you will be presented with many excuses to relieve you of money.
Very true. if anyone is wanting a pet. Then please consider obtaining one from your local animal shelter where you will receive the pet you see instead of receiving lies from scammers. Plus you will be assisting the shelters to help animals.
Back to the same (651) 560-7534 number connected to the website below by a Facebook Group and a Page linked to this website
The admin is from Cameroon which is sufficient evidence to state that it is all another common Cameroon based pet scam
Mini Teacup Yorkie Puppies For Sale
Discount Price : 300$

buxitelove@gmail.com Scammer email address

Why would a breeder offer a discount price? Discount from what? And given the reality of expenses you will be required to pay up front and this is where you will lose your money. You should never buy a pet over the internet completely unseen. You have a duty to the animal and the breeder has too, to ensure you are a suitable owner buying from a suitable breeder. Also remember that pet farms are not interested in quility breeding. Owners who show animals , and specialise in a breed will do it for love. This makes a nonsense of attractive discounts to farm out pets.
Always do a Yandex image search followed by a Google image search. Yandex has the best inage search capability and I recommend it
Advertising globally for a huge variety of puppies and on Facebook using a fake Cameroon based profile . SCAM
Note the number is supposed to be Mineapolis too and already we have the same scam team evident

aaderotoyebrittany@gmail.com SCAM