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The story went like this:

January, 2011, I received an email telling me that I am registered in Casual Flirt Online, I was wondering why I am there registered that I have not done it. For my own curiosity, I visited the website, and there I have found my name and my email add but, the address is not correct. That was first to be registered...and i answered all the questions there just not to leave blank the given form.( FOR MY OWN CURIOSITY...AND TELLING TO MYSELF...I WILL TRY WHAT REALLY IS THIS) I tried to change the address first written ( i dont KNOW who did it) but i cannot change...so i left it as it is. The following day i received a message through my email that somebody...wants to be a friend. So, I checked it. He is a good looking guy in his pictures and sounds wholesome. We started to have our chats, until he said he likes me and he loves me. And in the 3rd week of the month, he proposed marriage. He is too fast. He said he is going to Australia for a business trip and after he will visit me here in Finland. To my surprise, he told me he sent a PARCEL from Australia with the following things inside: rose, ring,dresses, gamepack and some jewelries. And he even sent me a copy of the receipt from speed logistics service with the tracking number, codes (all complete details). He sent me an email telling that inside he inserted a certain amount of money given that he was not able to asked my bank account before leaving London for Australia. SLS sent me also an email of notification, checking my exact address. But the following day,another email again from SLS, telling thatthe parcel was being hold in Malaysia because the money was being intercepted in the parcel and they are asking a certain amount for penalty. And they want me to pay for it. I told them, why me? I am not the sender, I did not expect that he will send me that? I immediately sent an email to this FAKE LOVER telling him what happened to his parcel. He told me, to pay the amount because he has no physical money along and he forgot to bring his credit card in Australia. And he will just pay me when he will arrive here in my place when he will visit me. And so i did, i gave my trust to this person, but I have noticed i received a lot of phone calls with numbers and some are anonymous, telling me to send immediately the money through western union. I started to feel something fishy, but i still proceeded to send the money because of the trust i have given to him. My hands were so cold and i cried after when i got home. He called me up and told me...nothing to worry because everything will be fine...all the assurances he gave to me. the following day, another email arrived agin telling me that: the parcel is in the Malaysian Custom and needs another amount for the safety of the parcel because there is money inside. They told to send again. But i did not do it anymore. This FAKE LOVER told me to pay for him and if i dont have money, i will make a loan or borrow. I told him all the reasons just not to be able to send money. We still have our communications through email, chats and long distance calls. I have noticed that he doesnt want to talk to me always because of the money which i did not sent. Feb.12, 2011,i received an email from a woman, asking me why we have the same tracking numbers and secret code numbers in the parcel. My doubts became so strong that I am a victim of phishing scam. We have the same story, the man courted...sent a parcel, and the parcel has the problem and we will pay for it. We also checked the telephone numbers they gave to us to contact this man..THE SAME TEL NUMBER. so we decided to still talk to him and get more informations. After an hour, this FAKE LOVER was online. So, i talked to him telling him that i have already the money. FL(fake lover) was so excited, but me was trying hard to be sweet to him. it was so difficult to be an actress without the training.LOL. This man doesnt want to talk to this woman...he wants to talk only to me because i said i have the money though the truth I dont have the plan anymore. And again , he made all the nice and heart melting promises. That time, i was chatting with him and the woman (because i told her not to leave me while i am talking to this man). Everything was proven right. Me and this other woman noticed that: a woman is also calling us, with a voice that somewhat always angry..and their english spoken is not nice to hear except of this FL. This FL , easily cries in the phone ( is he an actor? is he a gay? ...i dont know) We have the pictures but we compared , they are different. We are sure they are just using other men's pictures to hide their true identity.

AND WHAT I HAVE NOTICED THEY ARE VICTIMIZING MOSTLY THE SINGLE MOMS AGED 35 ABOVE. OFFERING THEIR UNDYING LOVE AND SUPPORT, AND WHEN THEY WILL GET YOUR TRUST AND AFFECTION...THEY WILL START ASKING MONEY. FOR EACH IS 1-2 MONTHS OPERATION. romance websites and dating lines are their favorite places. A lesson learned to me, this is my first and my last. I became a victim. I promised to myself not to join again. There are so DIRTY TRICKS INSIDE.

Me and this woman , decided to gather al the evidences to this illegal activity, i sent to her all what i received from him and speed logistics service and the malaysian custom and she sent also to me all what she has there her place for submission to the proper authority.

While relating this story of our FAKE LOVER, lol...this thought came to my mind: that it is possible phishing scammers have also registered themselves here in anti-fraud international to monitor their status.

If ever , these documents could be submitted here...I WILL DO IT.