Fazle Rabbee Chowdhury: Bangladesh

I hope this does not indicate a trend.

From: Fazle Rabbee Chowdhury [info@ananash.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007
Subject: Deal fromFazle Rabbee Chowdhury.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Fazle Rabbee Chowdhury, I lives in Bangladesh, IManaging Director Ananash Travel Related Services Ltd. , House#57B (2nd Floor), Raod # 21, Banani. Dhaka-1213,Bangladesh .You can find our website www.ananash.com

I hold a very nice position here is the company, and there is the opportunity to move of Multi millions from this company, without the consent of the other executives. The company is facing bankruptcy and the shareholders are not aware, So I wants to play a fast one before the whole world knows that the company is bankrupt,I have some secret documents of the company that will help us perfect this deal. And also We are into some illegal deals, that we do not want the Bangladesh Government to know about, besides that some top secret people in High authorities in Sudan are using our account to sponsor the ongoing crisis in Dafur,as we help them to purchase arms. So we we not want the Government to suspect, that is why we intentionally want to bankrupt (ANANASH TRAVEL RELATED SERVICES LTD ), our illegal deals are begining to leak, that is why we want to move millions out as quick as possible, so as for the Government not to close up on us, because of our illegal deals, that is why we want to kill (ANANASH TRAVEL RELATED SERVICES LTD. ) If you are interested, call me with the following numbers. I poses Bangladesh International passport number: X 0339161

Mobile Phone : + 880 173 00 28 28/ 880 173 42 65 87
Tel: +880 2 8860234 ,8823420,9861209
Fax: +880 2 8860232

Please, not that this is very, very, confidential. I do not want anyone to know about it. Check out our website, for further details about our company activities. www.ananash.com

Fazle Rabbee Chowdhury