Felony Crimes Everywhere in Benin


Crimes victims

Base on factual I received, the Benin country in West Africa financial crimes is the most high in the West Africa region. Majority criminals I found was lawyers and public services government employees. Interpol Chief Officer in Benin committed several felony financial crimes. Central Bank Benin employee and Interpol officer committed white collar grand robbery. These serious criminals actually murdered each other for their benefit.

To be on the safe side, individual and business "needed" not to conduct any business (communication) with any one in Benin, for the following reason:

1. All of them are liars.
2. Law enforcement officials practices also like criminals and protect criminals felony crimes.
3. Evidences showed, all courts orders issued by Benin courts never enforce!
4. Felony crimes victims must pay all cost and law enforcement scams for investigation.
5. There were evidences of diplomatic tags sold to criminals for smuggling crimes evidences and illegal products out of Benin to other country.


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African governments, many of them, are corrupt. That's news to me. Not.

What is the point here? Benin is no worse than most of the other West African counties.