First contact?

De Master Yoda

How did you get to know about scammers?

For me it was when I got a message telling me I had a lot of money coming as my relative had died!

This started me thinking about how anyone could know who my relatives were? so I checked on the web and found out that many others were being offered the same money!
How about you?


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My first one was UK National Lottery scam email on Feb 14, 2006. It made me really mad because it was in a really, really, really private mail account I had. No one knew about that account. I almost never used it. I deleted it and the next day I had 3 of them in my mailbox. After that it just became a flood of scam mails. So I started searching 419 scams on the internet. And here I am today.


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I was scammed 11 years ago via a fraudulent check from some Indonesian scammers for some cellular accessories.

He scammed me for $4000 in merchandise, but I made him spend all that money he took from me a short while later.

Since then I have been fighting back every day.

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My tale

Yay, After receiving emails from scammers offering me lots of money to stand in as next of kin, I thought "this is weird" all these people willing to give me money and yet they do not know me, could this be a trick?
After googling around a bit I found some anti-scam sites and joined, so that I could beat them at their own game.

If you think about things it seems ironic, that many people join after getting obviously false emails from these scammers and then start to work to stop them.

So the scammers are often responsible for alerting people to their scams by the bad English and other mistakes. Kinda like poetic justice.:cool:

Garreg Ddu

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A different route.....

As an IT security specialist I needed to keep a close eye on security and anti-hacking, which includes spam and scam email spotting. When I was researching a particular scammer I came across AFI and watched for a while as it grew into one of the best sites around. Hence my membership and determined fight against scam.

That's what prompted me to "bait" one of the countless "offers" that I rec'vd in my yahoo mailbox. A greenhorn, by myself, all on my own, I started playing a "game", knowing right from the start that what was playing out was NOT ever going to come to any good!! Broken english, companies that didn't exist, several different contact names within the SAME organization in the UK, yup...ALL very suspicious, but I kept playing... After a few weeks with no communication from the other side, I THOUGHT they finally had me figured out, until BAM!!! Out of the blue, I receive a cheque IN THE MAIL...UGH!! SO, I call the company the cheque belongs to, explain who I am and exactly HOW I came to be in posession of their over $17,000 cheque...I could almost hear the jawbones hitting the desks!! The chq in question had disappeared from the mailbox the very same day it was sent through snail mail to me!! Wearing gloves (NO DUMMIE HERE) I took the "evidence" to the local authorities, told my story, and was promptly told..yeah, just send it back to the company. I WAS IN SHOCK!! It was stolen from the mail once, I said...What if they do it again to avoid it getting back to provide evidence against them?? I was told that I watch too many cop shows on TV...GRRRRR!! After I MADE them photocopy the "evidence" I then sent the entire pkg registered mail back to it's rightful owners, and now await the outcome of the investigation by the bank and authorities in the Province of Ontario Canada. This was TOTALLY RELATED to the POSTAL THEFT SCAMS that had been on the news weeks prior!! THat's why I AM HERE...these scams make me :mad: !!!


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I was scammed

Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to do one of these scams. I had emailed the person from an ad placed in the local newspaper. I cannot believe this happened. As of today, Mo's did not come back as fraudulant but it has only been a week. That is why I am here. I thank everyone here for their support.
I've always wanted to make the world a better place. I know that I can't stop wars, eradicate world hunger or cure any pandemics. However, after many people close to my heart have fallen victim to fraud or have received threats from scammers, I decided to stand up and join the fight against scammers. I am determined to do as much as I can to make this world a safer place for innocent people to live in and a more hostile environment for criminals to operate in. Together we can show these scammers that we will NOT tolerate their unkindness and thievery!