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Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020

Lets learn better to read down, so don't ignore it. My name is Mrs Florence, I am France of origin but am in the hospital in Senegal now, 28 years. Last year in February I was feeling sick and as I rushed to the hospital, the doctor confirmed that I was suffering from cancer of the lungs, on this faithful day it was a date that will now forever be burned in my head and it was heartbreaking news coming from my doctor and i even hate thinking about it, this is honestly the last thing i thought i would ever face in my life, at this moment my life is meaningless, all i need is your encouragement and constant communication and prayers,

as I said before, I was diagnosed with lung cancer for approx. 6 months where I have been in the hospital now.

I was married to a man whom I love so much, and as the only child of my late parents, my late father wanted all his property for my husband because of the love we have between each other at the time, without knowing that my husband is a gold digger I do not know that he is after my father's wealth, immediately my husband hears of my illness he turns his back on me, he hardly comes to see me in the hospital as if he was waiting for me to die, two months later my illness became so much to me and I flew from France to Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC) USA for a better treatment

I am a dying woman and I decided to donate what I have to you to charity work / assistance to less privileged people in the community if I die, later on I was referred to one of the best hospitals in Senegal

My dear do you know that my husband left me in the hospital after a week traveling back to France, which gave me a promise that he will always come to check me every other week, but for a good 4 months my husband did not come for to see me, even when he knows he can't call me on the phone because of my illness, I cried all night, my dear you know that by all the massage I have sent to my husband, he replied Never before did I tell him to prepare for a divorce document and come to the US with our family lawyer that I want a divorce, just the next week my husband arrived in the US with our lawyer when I saw him I cried and remember what my late father told me when he was alive that this man does not love me, but because I am in love with him, I did not listen to my father.

We finally got divorced and my husband paid $ 3.7 million. US dollars to my account and going his way, shocked at what is happening to me, increases my illness to the level that the doctor told me face to face that I would not last for the 5 month period due to cancer problems unless God intervenes. Since then, I have no other opportunity to tell the doctor to look for a pastor who will pray for me until the day of my death. To God be the glory the doctor told (Father John Mark) about my problem.

I know with prayers that God can do any thing at any time, nothing is impossible with God. I will move to your country to start a new life if I survive this illness and send me your picture and phone number okay

I am waiting for your kind reply as soon as possible,

Sincerely, Florence


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From: Florence George <florencegeorge205@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020

please make sure you secure this transaction,

My bank is ready to make this transfer to your named bank account or they can bring it direct to your location,

after this transaction take 40 % of this money for your personal use and 60% will go for project by helping people both mother less and father less, hospital and visiting people in prison and sponsoring the needy ,

it gives me lot of joy when ever i remember i have some one like you, i will come over to your country to meet you after the transfer and to start a new life, please do your best to secure this money no matter what it will take to control this transaction, and you have to know that my freedom and hope is in your hands

all you need to do is to make sure that this transaction will be perfectly done,

Contact my bank where the money is deposited,tell them to send you the money, also tell them you are business partner to ( Florence ) so that they will know i direct you to contact them and i have already told them about you too, but you need to email them now with any of the below email because i dont have much to check email often,once you email them do let me know,thanks for your kindness and open heart
Citi bank
Address.. rout de almadies
box .. 235-248 Dakar