Flycell in Brazil - National mobilization against fraud


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Learn how the company Fly-Cell cheat and steal your money or credit cell

Read carefully.

The scheme

When searching for lyrics or try to download a song or ringtone, the unsuspecting receive a "pop-up"in your Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.), offering free ringtones directly to your phone! All he has to do is set the operator, enter your cell phone and send.

Then the unwary receive a password via torpedo on her cellphone and enter this password instructions on the company website ( All very simple!

But from that theft happens.

The company assumes that by entering the password, the unsuspecting agreed with the "terms of services" that are hidden in a LINK * called "Information and Cost" letters written with minimal color and weaker than the site and almost illegible at the bottom of the site, away from the main page of the visual field


To ensure that the poor unsuspecting no such link and visit the very least read the "terms", the password sent is valid only for a few seconds! That is, if the person is reading the words, you lose your password!
In Practice

Now imagine a child or a teenager looking for a free ringtone for your phone. He receives the promise of Flycell ringtones free! What does he do? Enter your phone number, you receive the password and, in its natural excitement, enter the password.

And immediately thereafter is charged weekly values ​​between $ 4.99 and $ 5.99 (depending on carrier) on your next invoice, or has such endless amounts debited immediately and thereafter on a weekly basis to their claims if your phone prepays.

Based on that law is not known, the Fly-Cell takes to be legally valid to make their collection the "signature" of an alleged contract which was not even seen, read or signed. And worse, assumes this "signature"including minors!

Plus, the homepage of the site there is no information on "How to Cancel" the "service", this service was not that request is received, and nearly impossible to be canceled!

Even the mobile operators give the impression of being involved in such evasion. Any attempt to connect to the "service" is canceled is received with much resistance.

The company "Fly-Cell " is considered by operators as a Partner! Partner in what? In defraud the user? The first response received from the operator is invariably "The service was hired. " Contractor? Where is the contract? Who signed? With what company? What CNPJ Fly-Cell? What is the address of the Fly-Cell? Where is the invoice issued by fly-by Cell service?

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