Fourth Annual Most Revolting Scammer Contest

Most Revolting Scammer

  • Ndazeh Valery Nchiakeh

    Votes: 14 24.6%
  • Daniel Berner

    Votes: 43 75.4%

  • Total voters
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It's time for nominations for this year's Most Revolting Scammer award. This award includes behavior that is so revolting or disgusting that it disturbs you to think that you share some humanity with these criminals.

There are many behaviors that could qualify a scammer for this award, including but not limited to:

a) stealing money from orphans,

b) stealing money from widows,

c) supporting terrorist activities,

d) being Daniel Berner.

Yes, I know, you're saying "doesn't this give Daniel an inside track on the award"? It's true that we could name this award the Daniel Berner Most Revolting Scammer Award and it's true that Daniel has won the award for the last 3 years and hasn't had any competition before but don't let that discourage you from nominating some nauseating piece of filth for this award.

That said, I'll nominate.....Daniel Berner.

De Master Yoda

Well Danny got my vote as well. He is one of the most revolting scammers I know.

Mind you his contestant Ndazeh Valery Nchiakeh is also deserving of such a title.

It will be interesting to see who finally comes out the winner.:D

Dick H Box


Danny-boy for the Cup!

Can we have a new award for exceptionally egregious behaviour? "The Daniel Berner Golden Turd" could be given to those who go above & beyond the 'normal' levels of scammer activity & attitude.. .
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