Fradulent Banks that were encountered.


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Fradulent Banks that were encountered.

Here is a list from :

Allied Bank & Trust Limited
Allied Boston Bank, Inc.
Allied Investment Bank
American Money Centre Thrift and Loan
Amexco Banque de Swiss
Andover International Bank Inc.
ANM Investment Banking Corp.
Applebank Capital Corporation
Asia Pacific Bank
Aylesbury Bank Inc.
Banc Carson, Ltd.
Banc Suisse, A.G.
Banc Lugano, A.G.
Banc Lugano A.G., Inc.
Banco de Asia
Banco de Londres y Multinacionale, S.A.
Banco de Los Indies International Limited
Bank of Ireland Financial, Inc.
Bank of ME
Bank of North America
Bank of the Pacific Limited
Banking Corporation of America, Ltd.
Banque Credito Comerciale, S.A.
Banque d'Échange de Manhattan (Canada)
Banque Sterling (Sterling Bank)
Baron Banking Ltd.
Bentley International Bank Limited
Benelux Merchant Bank, Ltd.
Benelux Commercial Bank, Ltd.
Benelux Credit Bank, Ltd.
Benelux Guaranty Bank, Ltd.
British Private Bankers, Ltd.
Brussels Euro Bank, Ltd.
Business Bank International
California International Bank Limited
Cambridge International Trust Co.
Cambridge Merchant Bank Ltd.
Canadian Bank of Toronto
Canadian Credit Bank Limited
Canadian Equity Funding
Canadian Trade Bank
Capital Banc Canada
Capital International Bank and Trust Ltd.
Carson Investment Company
Carson Trust Company
Central Bank of Canada
Central International Bank
Century Trade Bank Ltd.
Chase Global International
Churchill International Bank
Citioverseas Bank BWI Ltd.
Colonial Bank Limited
Columbia Security and Transfer Inc.
Commerce Bank Inc.
Commercial Bank of Canada
Commercial Fidelity Bank Ltd.
Commonwealth Bank Ltd.
Commonwealth Overseas Bank
Crown International Bank
Dominion International Bank
Dominion Overseas Bank
Dominion Pacific Bank
Dworschak Financial Services Ltd.
Eastech International Bank Ltd.
EEC Trust Group, Ltd.
El Al International Bank, Inc.
Empire International Bank Ltd.
Enrotek Capital Inc.
Enterprise Management Investment and
Commercial Bank
Equity Merchant Bank
Equity Trust Bank
Eureka Bank
Euro American Mortgage Corp.
EuroBank Trade Finance Inc.
Euro Capital Bank
Euro-Credit and Commerce Inc.
Euro Creditanstalt Bank, Ltd.
Euro-Pacific Bank Ltd.
Euro-Pacific International Bank Ltd.
European Canadian Securities
European Merchant Bank
European Overseas Bank Ltd.
European Union Bank
Excalibur Bank
Exchange International Bank Limited
First Net Bank Union States of Comoros
Geneva Anconia International Bank Inc.
Geneva Euro Bank, Ltd.
Geneva Merchant Bank
Ginisan Investment and Financial Canadian Bank
Global Credit Inc.
Global Financial Consulting
Global Manufacturers Bank
Georgian Import-Export International Bank
Great Lakes Commercy Bank
GS Interfinance S.A.
Groupe Interconsultant
Guaranty Bank & Trust Company Ltd.
Guaranty Creditanstalt Bank, Ltd.
Guardian Capital Bank Ltd.
Guardian Commerce Bank
Guardian Commercial Bank Ltd.
Gulf International Bank Limited
Gulf Union Bank Bahamas Ltd.
Hawthorne Trust
Heritage International Inc.
Heritage Investment Bank
Holden Bancorp Limited
Ideal Financial
Imperia International Bank Ltd.
Independent Business Credit Bank
Intercontinental First Bank Ltd.
Intercontinental Security Bank Limited
International Finance Marketing, Inc.
International Trade Company Limited
Island Bank Ltd.
Italia Euro Bank, Ltd.
Joseph First International Bank Limited
Keltic Trust Company
Kestral Trust Limited
Keystone Bank, Ltd.
Keystone Trust Co., Ltd.
Landmark Bank of London
La Rock Institute of Canada
Liberty Commercial Bank
Liechtenstein Merchant Bank, A.G.
Liechtenstein Trust Company, Ltd.
Lombard Banking International
London Euro Bank, Ltd.
London Merchant Bankers Ltd.
London Overseas Bank Ltd.
London Trust Company Ltd.
Lugano Trust Company Limited
Lloyd's Merchant Bank, Ltd.
Lloyd's Trust Company, Ltd.
Lydian International Commerce (Luxembourg) S.A. Merchant Bankers
Marine and Pacific Commercial Bank
Merchants Commerce Bank Limited
Metropolitan International Bank Limited
Monaco Credit & Guaranty Bank, Ltd.
National Bank of Windsor
National Bankcard Services
National Indian Bank
Navy Street Bancorp
Nearbank Financial Centres Ltd.
New York Guaranty and Trust Corp.
North Bank of Canada
OBE International Bank, Ltd.
Optimum Banking Corp.
Optimum International Private Banking
Opus-Merbank Limited
Overseas Bank of Finance Ltd.
Pacific Bank Corp. Inc.
Pacific Exchange International Bank
Pacific Fiscal Management, Inc.
Pacific Reserve Bank & Trust Ltd.
Pacific Trust and Commerce Bank Inc.
Partner Bank AD
Piggy Bank Financial Services Ltd.
Pioneer Development Bank Inc.
Pioneer International Holdings, Inc.
Prime Credit Bank Limited
Puget's Sound Agriculture Society Ltd.
Regal Bank of Montserrat, The
Regent International Bank Ltd.
Renfrew Security Bank & Trust Ltd.
Republic Security Bank Ltd.
Republic Security International Ltd.
Royal Meridian International Bank
Royal State Bank, Inc.
Security Bank of Canada
Security Bank of Commerce Limited
Security Bankcorp
Sentinel Trust
Sterling Euro Bank, Ltd.
Sterling Investment Services
Suisse Bancorp Inc.
Suisse Private Trust, A.G.
Swiss American Bank
Swiss Credit & Savings Trust Institute
Swiss Euro Bank, Ltd.
Swiss Security Bank Ltd.
Swissdene (Merchant Bank) Ltd.
Trans Pacific Mortgage
Unicredit Sociedad de Financiera de Objeto Limitada
Union Lombard Bank & Trust Corp.
United Bank Limited
United Canadian Bank
United Equity Bank & Trust Ltd.
United Korean Bank (The)
United National Republic Bank
United Security Bank Limited
United States Territories Bank & Trust
Uro Banque Inc. (SC)
U.S. Caribbean Bank & Trust
Vancouver Euro Bank, Ltd.
Vienna Euro Bank, Ltd.
Viscount Funding Corporation
West Indies International Bank Ltd.
Western Pacific Overseas Bank
White Star Instant Coverage Corp.
Windsor Trust Company
World Arbitrage Bank Ltd.
World Bank Limited
World Commerce Bank Limited
World International Bank Ltd.
World Job and Food Bank
World Security Bank Limited
Yarrabank Holdings Inc.
Yorkisle Capital Corp.
Zurich Euro Bank, Ltd.
Zurich Creditanstalt Bank, Ltd.
Zurich Credit Bankers, A.G.
Zurich Credit Trust, Ltd.


You did not provide any evidence to proof they are fake, gives us real reasons to believe you please...

De Master Yoda

Wetin dey MUGU. Why should we give anything to a known scammer from Nigeria?

Think you can find out how we operate to make it easier to avoid getting caught?

Not real smart are you, to try to scam on an antifraud website.


Staff member
@Senator, this a test of your cognitive skills.

I don't know about the other banks in the list above but I can assure you that the Piggy Bank Financial Services Ltd is real. In fact, there's a branch office on the shelf in my living room. It's not exactly a trunk box, but it's a box full of money. If you want to do business with us, the address is 22 Road, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria. Ask for donprosper.


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It's a pity the Senator's Office seems reluctant to comment on the above.

First Net Bank Union States of Comoros
Registered in Fomboni on the island of Mwali in the Comoros? Come on, there was a time not too long ago when the only bank in the Comoros used to fly down a trunk box full of money - and this is perfectly and completely true, I swear - every second week (on Thursdays, by the way) so that the islanders could do a bit of banking business. Any questions on this, Senator?


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I don't know about the other banks in the list above but I can assure you that the Piggy Bank Financial Services Ltd is real. In fact, there's a branch office on the shelf in my living room. It's not exactly a trunk box, but it's a box full of money. If you want to do business with us, the address is 22 Road, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria. Ask for donprosper.
Of course, Senator, it's been cleverly disguised as a box of sensitive photographic materials, or maybe a box of African "cloths", but with your unerring sense of fraud detection it should be easy to find.


Staff member

Dominion International Bank
This is about as fake as a fake bank can get. Since we're not here to educate scammers, you'll have to educate yourself a bit: combine the name of the bank with the name of the king who brought Abraham bread and wine and blessed him and see where you end up. It's up to you to choose between the western part of Antarctica and a Pacific Ocean island, the "country" doesn't exist anyway.