Francine Tshasa, in French Guyana


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This is from a guest who actually wanted to post this at AFI. This is another advanced fee fraud. If this person really lost their card and they are a Natwest customer, why are they posting this at AFI instead of contacting Natwest bank? Simple, they're going to ask you for money to help in the meantime until they get their card. But they wanted to be public so now they are.

I m customer from natwest I ask help because I m in hollydays in french guyana I have my card natwest but since 4 days its not working anymore I can't take the money from the cash machine when I try they said contact your agency its big problem because I can't eat pay my hotel my last cash I spend for eat please I scare I dont know what to do I think the Card its not workink anymore without my card I cant even pay my ticket for go back to london I call natwest yesterday they nothing wrong with my account its maybe my card

my adress email: []
surname: tshasa
first name: francine
account no : 42112249
branch sort code: 602036
contact me : 0033694957666


In the past I have found that if my card doesn't work, (usually because the mag strip has been damaged or worn) the numbers on the card can be typed in or phoned through and the transaction can be completed. According to Francine, her account is ok, and they don't mention the card being cancelled so even if the card is faulty, she scan still use it to a limited degree, certainly enough to pay her hotel bill and buy her ticket.