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From: François Colli <>
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2020
Subject: Re: URGENT

I beg you to excuse me for this intrusion, I am Mr. François COLLIGNON, 88 years old from France, I am currently in a countryside in the south-west.

I had to contact you in this way because I wanted to confide in you a secret and a very important matter, it does not seem very suspicious to you, it is true that you do not know me and that I do not know you.

I'm going to get to the point, but I beg you to keep this confidential, Anyway, in reality, I have a Cancer which is in the terminal phase, a Ball is settling in my cerebral cage, I have this disease since over 2 years, and to top it off I tested positive for the Covid-19 virus (CORONAVIRUS).

According to what the doctors justified me, I have a fever, headache, cough and difficulty in breathing, The attending doctors informed me that I could die overnight due to my very poor health. degraded.

I am a widower, I have no children because my wife we have never been able to have because of all that have to take advantage as financial means. Without meddling in my pain, I also lost my wife, last month to this damn disease, I was infected by my wife and this disease has just destroyed my family. We never thought about adopting a child, which I bitterly regret. I am considering making a donation, a grace of my fortune. I almost sold my business including a timber export company to BRAZIL in the city of São Caetano do Sul where I was commuting between France and Brazil.

I have stored in my personal account, the global sum of 2,000,000 € (Two Million Euros) I wish to give you this money which will be able to help you in your project and in your life and at the same time to set up a foundation for-profit that will bear my name.

If you are a sincere and humble person, please contact me ASAP so that we can discuss it. I would have liked to deal with this case after the disappearance of this epidemic but time does not allow it any more, I feel very bad and I am very afraid. I can't die without donating all this money or I think it would be a waste. The Coronavirus is a reality.

Protect yourself, protect your family by respecting the hygiene rules recommended by the Ministry of Health.

May the good GOD spare you.

You must answer me as soon as possible

Cordially ..
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From: François Colli <>
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2020
Subject: URGENT


I am in a hurry, please answer me.

In the extreme wait.



François Colli <>


I am in a hurry, please answer me.

In the extreme wait.