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william stuart
55 year old, man from United States

I am really going to put a lot of effort into writing this letter to you in hopes it will provide you with a good understanding of who I am, what I am all about, and what has made me the person I am today.....ABOUT ME !!!!!!!!!!!............My name is William Stuart Hispanic/Latino.... I was born in washington dc,But my Dad was an American Man,born in Washington Dc but my Mum was from venzia in italy, i lived all my life in California.I work as an accountant in the FBI Dept. (i love arts so much) ,I have a good sense of humor and i have alot of care and love to share with my desired soulmate woman and lover...I live in California. Age (55yrs).I'm a Divorced, been Divorced for 3 yrs now.I have just only 1 lovely Son (Smith)..Have been single for the past 3 years, am a man with a strong heart,loving, caring,honest,compassionate,affectionate, i also believe in God.I like swimming, camping,fishing,reading, writting, tennis, American Football,Basketball,Baseball, golfing,swimming etc. When i read through your profile i was really amazed and motivated to send you an email and show my interest.I want to take long walks with my real and desired soulmate and share our life's journeys with all joys and sorrows. - I d like to look up to my woman as an authority for me, to be proud of her, to adore her and give her my femininity,devotion, understanding, kindness, care, calmness, cheerfulness,soul support and my great love. I'm normal Man who dreams about human happiness There are so many interesting things around worthy to be seen and amazed together with a special person like you.....I will be waiting to read back from you, I am intelligent, honest and good hearted man, non-smoker and non-drunken, good sense of humor.I will be waiting to read back from you...

Thanks and God bless you.

Received: from [] Lagos, Nigeria
From: William Stuart <>
Subject: Am from mydailyflog

Skype 1: william stuart, california, United States, willystuart101
Skype 2: William Stuart, 95476, United States, willystuarts

David Abernathy

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Netlog: markccomas
male - 44 years, the U.S. Satu, Indonesia
Name: mark ccomas
Date of birth15/11/1969
Native language: Angielski
Company Self: Profession Gold Dealer .....
same time work with the Us army. (Manager)
looking for
◾ Relationship
◾ Business contacts
I imagine: women

About me:
_Am Looking for Someone who knows how to treat a man like the way a woman needs to be treated, respectful, love kids and family, very kind and communicative, has a good sense of humor, someone who will be there for
me when i need her help / supportive, share ideas together as husband and wife as am ready for that ...
and hope to hear back from you soon maybe we can _and Chart at yahoo_too <>

Stuart; <>

EMAIL ~ <>

Age & Gender: 54 Year Old Man
Height: 6' 5" (196 cm)
Ethnicity: European with Black Hair Color / Other Eye Color
Location: Marathon, California, US

Profile: am nice and cool ...just seeking for love

About Me
i like to connect with an understanding lady and a caring, loving,......i love sport, fishing, and cooking...

my dear i'm nice, gentle and also responsible...i love to treat others the way i will love other to treat me :thinking: ... i don't cheat, when i love i do with all my heart...dear, is that your daughter?... she is very pretty also...dear please let get to know each other i really want have a woman i my life .i will love it if you can give me your email ID so that we can chat more okay.... my heart tells me you are the right woman for me ...i can't wait to hear from you.

Derick Walker, <>
USER ID: 7794145
Nickname: lil_derick
Name: derick
Age: 53 (Jan 1, 1961)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
State/Region: New York
City: New York




Banned Free Weekend
Username: MOB
Relationship status: Widowed
Occupation: Business/contractor
Income: I'll tell you later
54/Annapolis, Maryland
Seeking women: 45-60

Tagline: Looking for a companion whose "likes" are as eclectic as mine

In his own words:

I am fun loving, caring, romantic, honest, trustworthy,sympathetic and loving. On the flip side I am stubborn, honestly blunt, straight to the point and intelligent.
looking for a lady who is Kind heart, romantic, compassionate and emotionally intelligent.Sense of humor,Some one who is Trustworthy ,share some common interests ,& can make each other laugh.I am strong and independent but knows how and when to be soft and tender.I am a positive and easy-going young man who tries to stay feminine :lol: and tender, but can be strong if it is needed. I am a good listener and I like to have interesting honest conversations. I am active and I like to try new things and to enjoy every day of my life.


From: MOB
54 | Annapolis, Maryland

Hello Pretty Lady!

It is understandable that you might be a little bit apprehensive because you do not know me,My name is William, I'm 54 years old MAN and am a widower I lost my wife 3 years ago, I'm not on any dating site and currently I am not dating or talking to anybody else :liar: .this profile belongs to my friend who was about teaching me how to use before getting my own account, then your profile popped up,I decided to read it and i Was attracted to it's simplicity,I couldn't scroll past your profile so I thought I could make a humble request just to get to know you.Seem's like a really nice person and I will enjoy finding out if we do have the Chemistry.I'm a fun, outgoing active person, full of life with an open heart who wants to meet a woman who believes in building a relationship based on trust, honesty and good communication.
please reply me through my email: (William_Seamus@3a3o3l.c3o3m) I will send you pictures of me and tell you more about my self.You will put a smile on my face when I hear from you

ISP: Wireless Business Solutions
Organization: Wireless Business Solutions, Cape Town
Services: None detected
Country: South Africa
State/Region: Western Cape
City: Cape Town

From: William Seamus <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014

Hello xxxx,

Thanks for contacting me via my personal email. its my honor that you took the time to email me. Now about me : I am Irish/English by birth and was raised in England. I relocated to the United states ( Annapolis, Maryland ) a year ago to work for a construction company that shut down 8 months after my arrival and I decided to remain in the states and started working for myself, I am a Civil engineer and currently I am in South Africa busy with a project which will be completed in a month after which I will return back to the states.

I lost my wife 3 years ago back in England. I am the only child of my late parents, it was boring growing up alone so I was always out with my friends playing soccer while growing up, I miss those times, life was much easier. LOL. I have relatives back in Ireland but we are not in communication since we never got together when my parents were alive. I have one best friend back in England and we talk once in a while.

I like almost all kinds of food and I enjoy cooking but eat out most times because I hate to eat alone after cooking , I like beef, pork, chicken and seafood's and pasta. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee, I like wine and my favorite is red wine. My favorite spots are Aquariums, cinema, parks etc.. My sleeping position is both side because I like cuddling, I am affectionate, a bit emotional, I like to hug and kiss a lot , I enjoy dining out at a nice restaurant with soft music on the background and my most favorite music is soft rock but I like almost all kinds of music. I am a huge football fan and I have been supporting a club called Manchester united since I started watching soccer, I used to play in my youth days, I stopped because of series of injuries. So now I only watch and cheer but I can still play non-professional. lol. for fun I guess. I only started watching American football when I came to the states. I love traveling and someday I will like to retire and travel round the world with the company of my partner. I hope I did not bore you. Please tell me more about yourself and feel free to ask questions in any area I did not touch.

I have also attached my pic too. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

William Seamus


Faux profil Facebook Patrick Dubois
Travail: Facebook
Amis: -5-
Photos: -1-
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Membre Fbb depuis 23.06.2010

Faux profil Facebook Franck Dubois
Travail: Advocat
Résidence: Marseille
De: Paris
Amis: -16-
Membre Fb depuis 30.11.2011

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http:/ /

Russ J
Last Active: 11 days ago
Profile Views: 170 times
Profile Skin: Default
Member Since: December 6, 2014
Gender: Male
Location: Jay, ME
Age: 54
Relationship Status: Widowed
Interested In: Friends, Dating, Serious Relationship
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
College: University of Maine '82

Russ Jean <>

John: <>

Gender: Male
Age: 44
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Looking for: Marriage
Country: United States
State, City: texas, queen city
Marital status: Single
Children: I don't have children
Religion: Christian
Education: Masters Degree
Occupation: Contractor
Ethnicity: Native American

Personal Description:

Am romantic, sexy, loving , above all am God fearing . i like being real to people.

VMS( Assigned to VAS)
Muideen Aruna
Yellodrome building,
Plot 1612 Adeola Hopewell Street
Victoria Island
40, Abidjan, Cote d'ivoire

Hello, my name is Paul and I divorced the woman I want and love eternal heart with my skype is paul.langevin53 and my facebook is paul LANGEVINN and you

Aucune autres informations!



  • Oasis dating
Male 48 - United States
Dry Prong | Louisiana | United States
Simple,Widowed British/ my life on the work work work aspect and finally looking forward to settling down with a lady who's ready and willing to do the same.I love to love,friends call me hopeless romantic,i love to dream tall dreams about love and romance although life can never be exactly as we want it to be but i wish i get closer to all my wishes in life.
Really can't describe myself because i might exaggerate,hype or be-little myself but if you ask i'll answer.I am not into self promotion. People who become acquainted with me form their own opinion. Some of my positive character traits are caring, compassionate,down~to~earth, funny, kind, outgoing touchy feely sensitive man. I am a Christian but believe in being well~rounded. Can discuss any issue whether it's life, politics, economy, religion, sex etc. I try to conduct myself accordingly (in a Christian manner). Understanding that i am and.can do absolutely nothing without Jesus Christ.
Love people . . . . and encouraging and inspiring them to trust God, developing a relationship with him and becoming all God want them to become. After all, we have been placed on this earth for someone else, not ourselves.
Am i my brother keeper? YES! Only God can change a person but we can point people in the right direction by introducing them to him. AMEN! Not by trying to force anything on anyone but by letting them know that maybe the emptiness and loneliness you are feeling is because you haven't allowed God to occupy his rightful place in your life. Or it could because you havent forgiven as God has instructed us to and move on.Unforgiveness hinders you, not the person who wronged you. Forgive and God will handle the offender. There has been times you have wronged others and God has forgiven you. We all have/will mess up. Its called LIFE! Let it go! Remember what we need is not always what we want and what we want is definitely not what we need. Lets seek God for answers and directions.

Hello too my dear.You are such a lovely beauty.....seriously i love what i see and i would love to live and die there...Can we be friends,get to know each other and see what've already made me your prisoner captivated by your soft looking skin and sexy beautiful eyes....i pray you open your heart and deem it fit to release me,make me a friend lets grow,share your dreams with me i'll give you my life,hold me from falling to the ground and we'll grow together in understanding,until we get to the end and start all over again.I promise i'll try to be good for you and to you with all my heart,body and soul.I think you are lovely as well as kind my dear.thanks for making me dream again,my sincere gratitude for your time my dear.Kisses and hugs,Jason.

so sorry i have been so terribly busy all these times and i am hardly ever here
< jdavenport1167 ( @ <>

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Contact: Jason Davenport
Mobile: +44-793-714-1839

La personne en photo n`est pas responsable des arnaques et n`est pas probablement pas au courant des arnaques commises avec ses photos!


Rick, <>
[*]Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:43 pm

Here is little about me I'm very affectionate, easy going , open minded, honest, respectful, caring, loyal, romantic & like being spontaneous & adventurous, intelligent, fun-loving & young at heart, understanding, great communicator & companion. Relaxed and relaxing to be with, I like arts, music and dancing. I hold traditional values when it comes to love. I enjoy the simple things in life, like a glass of wine (I love red) and good conversation, going to a movie or watching a movie at home, dining out, trying a new nice new place, or checking out a dive, and cooking together. I have travel to places like Middle East (Malaysia), I will love to hear from you is my email <>

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Email 06.09.2015

How are you doing?? here is my picture`s u ask me....and i also wish to see more of u...if u dont mind u can add me via yahoo messenger, via my yahoo i.d. <williams.jn733 at> so that we can talk more better...i hope u understand more better...i wait to read from u soon....hugs

Pictures best known!

The email address leads to:

and many more sites! Attention please!


Profile photos already posted on board!



Gender: Male
Age: 50
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Looking for: Serious Relationship
Country: United Kingdom
State, City: london
Marital status: Widow or Widower
Children: I have 1-2 children living with me
Religion: Christian
Education: Masters Degree
Occupation: worker

Personal Description:

I'm originally from united state but I live here in the United Kingdom

Not SURF Net
notSURFnet (Wim),
P.O. Box 19035,
3501 DA Utrecht,
The Netherlands.

45-year-old Male
Seeking Women: 35 - 65
Alex, Oklahoma, United States
Last Activity: Online Now!
Distance: 699 miles
Pisces Pisces
searching for my true love
about myself:
well i 'm a man that loves so much activities and better things around me,i love more of camping and cherish more of attention also sincere hear-ted lady.....a woman to make me always feel loved and cherished at all times...
willing to relocate: Yes
marital status: Single
seeking relationship: Long term relationship, Marriage
looking for a match: within 50 miles of Alex, Oklahoma United States
eyes: Brown
hair: Brown
hairstyles: Above the ears
body type: Muscular
height: 6'2 (188cm)
weight: 155 lbs (71kg)
bodyart: None
education: Bachelor's degree
ethnicity: Native American
speaks: English
religion: Christian
smokes: Light smoker
drinks: Socially
living status: Living alone
has children: No
how many: One
wants children: Yes, ABSOLUTELY
job: Self-employed
about my work:
i'm a sculptural artist and into painitng,and very creative in my field....
income: $35,001 to $50,000
political position: Liberal
activities: Antiquing/collecting, Gardening, Movies, Museums/arts, Music/concerts, Shopping
attributes: Active, Adventurous, Attractive, Caring, Communicative, Family Oriented, Generous, Honest, Intelligent/Bright, Positive Attitude, Religious, Respectful of Others Opinions, Self Confident, Strong Integrity, Trustworthy
my idea of a great date:
my idea is for both parties to be compatible and also appreciate one another and ready to go extra miles for one another...
the person I would like to meet:
i would love to meet a woman that i can rely on and count on a woman i can call mine and make me achieve my desired love from her...

steve williams <shegzy919 at>
well tell me all about yourself and your picture as well,this is my art work and picture....

Richvee Richie Vikie (richvee)
Works at Crazy Alan's Swamp Shack
Went to Green Bay East High School

Skype: dr.garth.johnson1968

Male , 66 , Single ,
Lives in United States, ARIZONA
My name is Dr.Garth Johnson...I am from canada...a doctor by profession...My major is General Surgery
this is my email address..,....drgarthjohnson at



Dr. Garth Johnson
Email: drgarthjohnson at
Skype: dr.garth.johnson1968

Male, 66, Single
Lives in the United States, Arizona
"My name is Dr. Garth Johnson...I am from canada...a doctor by profession...My major is General Surgery this is my email address: ....drgarthjohnson at

Location: London, United Kingdom
Friends: -1-
Photos: -1-
Member Fb since 01/02/2012!

Dr. Garth Johnson
Email: drgarthjohnson at
Skype: dr.garth.johnson1968

"My name is Dr. Garth Johnson...I am from canada...a doctor by profession...My major is General Surgery this is my email address: ....drgarthjohnson at
"Good morning my dear,....How are you doing and i hope you are doing ok...? Please i need you to send me request on facebook My username on Facebook is Antonia Lopez Patac I opened the facebook in request to my late wife ok....Please send me request there so....

Lpoez Antonia Patac
(Garth Johnson)

Work: Contractor (Chevron) and Medical Doctor, PHD (Chevron)
Education: Surgery at University of Toronto
Of Ottawa, Ontario
Photos: -1-
Member Fb since 2016!


Jones Larry

Kaydee Gaga
Manchester City

ThisIsKD , 30
Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria

Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Jones


  • Rosli Abas
Google+ : 108561575369125408598
EMail :

Email Spam:
Anyway, my name is Rosli Abas
I am a citizen of Czech Republic in Eastern Europe.
But i live in America.
I am 52 years old.
I am a marine engineer.
And i am a widowed.
I have a son.
Presently i am in Sri Lanka offshore.
I am 6.1ft tall. but decent and healthy appearance, and a healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke, or take drugs, and i drink occasionally. I am very kind, courteous, respectful, generous, a complete gentle man.
I am interested in discovering a friend and romantic companion whom I can love and adore who is affectionate, passionate, fun to be with, intelligent and trustworthy.
I really wish to have you as my good partner and also wishes to
entrust some funds into your care but I have already send the fund out of
Republic of China. I need your sincere and truthful friendship.
I have $10 Million U.S dollars. I need a good partner someone I can trust.
It is oil business money we did with Chinese citizens worth of $100 million
U.S dollars, but the $10 million United States Dollars stated is my share
of the business and it's legal.
I have successfully moved the funds out of China as a family valuables with help of a Finance Company through their branch in Middle East.
I put the money into a sealed box.
The most important thing is, Can I Trust You?
I am offering you the sum of $3 million u.s dollars, which is about the 30% of the total money in the box, just for you to help me to receive the box.
Once the box get to you, you should take your 30% out and keep my own 70%, Which will be $7, million dollars.
Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where my part of the funds will be until I come back and meet with you for discussions on investment plans, but I have more interest on Real Estate or any other profitable investment .
If you are interested I will furnish you with more details. But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times. I look forward to your reply and co-operation.

Photo Included at the bottom of Email:

Curtis Buffett,
curtis buffett


USER ID: 7794145
Nickname: lil_derick
Name: derick
Age: 53 (Jan 1, 1961)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
State/Region: New York
City: New York
Derick Walker contacted my on POF yesterday. I could tell he was a scammer when he told me that he wants to be with me forever during our second conversation. The email address he is using is:, He says that he lives in San Francisco, CA but is on a business trip in Ghana leads to Skype

United States