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My name is Frank Anthony from Cape Town in South Africa.I am making arrangement to visit your country within the next two or three weeks for an investment and came across your profile and decided to work with you if you will advice and guild me on how to establish in your country in the area i will make good interest.

I hereby attached to you my international passport copy for your perusal. The money i want to invest is $47,000,000.00 Million and my plan is to invest it into Real Estate.

That is why i need a somebody that have knowledge on any profitable business i can invest on with out loosing fund.Let me hear from you soon so i will know the kind of business you will advice me to go into with my fund.

More details will be given to you once i hear from you.My fund is legal and genuine.

Frank Anthony


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Good Day My Dear,

I am very sorry sending you email instead of posting this letter to you.I did it because of the urgency involve.

Please bear with me and take this very serious and top secret also call me after going through it.

I will give you more details after hearing from you.

Is all about moving fund to your country for investment and you will be highly rewarded for that.The amount involved is $30 Million United State Dollars.I will wait for your reply via this email ( ) so you will know your position and your percent if you can promise to be honest in handling your part for me.

Best Regards,
Frank Anthony.