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From Frank Brown
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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008
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I'm Frank Brown By Name I'm From Bloomingdale, Ohio. [How the heck did he find THAT one? :confused: ] I am intersted in buying Your Posted Item on Trading Post for my Personal Use. l'm okay with the price and would like you to know that payment will be remitted to you by my client in Hockley, Texas that is owing me over goods I bought from him but due to delayment over coming for the pick up he had to sell it off to someone else hoping to get me another before i will come for the pick up but couldn't. So he will issue you the amount being a cancelling order which I placed with him and it will be remitted to you on a Bank Cashier Check or Money Order.

Also, my shipper will make an arrangement to come for the pick-up at your location. If this is okay by you, provide your contact details, Name, Address, City, State and Your phone number on which payment can be remitted to you immediately.

I wait to read from you soonest.

Warm Regards
Frank Brown