Frank Owen, DHL

Sandy Beach

From: [] <>
Subject: Re: EFCC regards to a check Mr Frank Owen.
Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008,

8 Princes Court Business Park
11 Wapping Lane


I received a parcel containing a certified bank draft addressed in your name ,from Robert Mueller of the FBI .
The parcel has been screened to see if it contains drug or any dangerous substance but has been proved to contain only a certified bank draft addressed in your name .
The value of the draft is $500,000 (five hundred thousand US Dollars ) .
The parcel is now awaiting delivery to your chosen mailing address at :
Note that you will bear the cost of delivery .

The cost of delivery is as follows:
Shipment charges :$100
Insurance : $550
Stamp duty fee : $50
Total : $700
You can pay the fees with the information below:
Name of receiver : Andrew Jacobs
Address : London , Uk

Send the payment information to my email adddress . As soon as the money is received , I will deliver your bank draft to your mailing address at :
within 24 hours .

I await your prompt response .
Yours faithfully,
Frank Owen